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High-quality artificial stone waterproof urn vault(Patented product)
Since the reform of funeral, it has become a common understanding that the burial of the ashes box is not easy to keep. So for years, people have brick a grave or a cement box in the ashes box before they are buried. The water seepage of cement, the unsound plastic, the solid natural stone, but the production cycle is long and the production cost is high, and it is difficult to achieve mass production, and also consumes a large amount of natural stone resources, which is not environmentally friendly. Because the waterproof and sealing performance of artificial stone exceeds the natural stone, the coffin of artificial stone ashes box will replace the old protective box. With the demand for funeral supplies increasing greatly, the coffin of artificial stone ashes box will meet the needs of advanced technology, formula and mold. Besides, it not only does not consume a large amount of natural stone resources, but also improves it to the specific concept of coffin on the basis of original protective box with beautiful design and solid and practical performance. It is a modern upgrade and replacement product.
1、 The design of the coffin has a strong concept design. Based on the original shape of western style multi edge crystal coffin, it is combined with a very clever proportion by modern and highly powerful shaping and processing technology. After forming, it has achieved a novel, beautiful,strong and practical protective coffin. Overall dimension (mm): length 520* width 390* height 340, inner cavity size (mm): length 300 * width 200* height 230, weight: 50kg.
2、 The protective coffin is made of artificial stone. It is a new material with high quality, which has good physical and chemical properties. The characteristics are as follows: ① high density, good air tightness,low water content to 0.03%, and lower than 50% of natural stone, so the water permeability resistance is very strong. ② Because of the characteristics of artificial stone materials and the overall hardness of the composite cured by secondary high temperature,it reaches about 65 degrees of Babbitt, which is very strong. ③ The material has strong resistance to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion and impact. It is not easy to aging and long service life in natural environment. It is an ideal material for making coffin protection.
3、 The design of the external shape and internal structure of the protective coffin is very reasonable and coordinated, which is the perfect combination of art and practice. It consists of a coffin cover, a bottom and an inner cover. The inside of the coffin bottom is also composed of a soft suit, which is exquisite and warm. The whole coffin is
solid and heavy, and the thinnest part has a good compression resistance, impact resistance and waterproof effect and anti-seepage effect. ① The special design of the upper and lower coffin combination part makes use of the large part of the upper and lower waist of the coffin body, which makes the adhesive area of the joint part greatly increase, and plays a good sealing role. ② The upper part of the lower official has a raised inclined mouth design of 50 mm high, which not only plays a role in positioning the lid of the coffin when it is closed. Also used the height of the uplift, again played a waterproof reverse flow function. ③ A transparent material inner cover is designed at the upper part of the lower coffin. When the inner cover is closed, the objects in the coffin can be seen, and the functions of dust prevention and water proofing are also played again. Therefore, there are three waterproof and sealing structures in the design of the coffin. The upper and lower coffins are made of our special homogeneous adhesive. Once glued, it can not be opened. Therefore, it makes it seal, waterproof and long-term effect to achieve the ultimate.

Product name
Urn vault
man made rock
Dimensions (mm)
Length 520*width 390*height 340
Inner cavity size (mm)
Length 300*width 200*height 230

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