SAA certification LED emergency driver 518S 40W-3W180min with led emergency rechargeable battery pack

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SAA certification LED emergency driver 518S 40W-3W180min with led emergency battery pack

Foreign trade new LED emergency power supply 518T\\518S\\518F-T series, SAA certification exported to Australia and other places, suitable for LED lamps below 40W, emergency lighting for more than 3 hours. Export LED emergency power products with self-test function SAA certification high efficiency, 40W lighting 3 hours

DF518S LED emergency power supply box (with lithium battery)
1. Applicable to 10-40W LED panel lights, downlights and other power reduction emergency lighting;
2, suitable for LED light source with external constant current source drive.
3. Cooperate with 3.6V lithium battery as emergency battery;
4. This product can reduce power emergency lighting when it is used for emergency lighting. The brightness of the light source is 3-5W during emergency lighting. It is used as an evacuation emergency light to save the cost for the user as much as possible.
5, international line, power reduction emergency lighting, film PC board three-color indicator light detection switch is safe and beautiful. Slim and slim installation is convenient.
6. The emergency power supply has multiple protection functions:
   A charging protection, after the charging is saturated, it automatically switches to the charging state to compensate for the self-discharge of the battery;
   B discharge protection, in the process of emergency lighting, when the battery power consumption is exhausted, the discharge lamp is automatically terminated;
   C No-load protection, in the middle of emergency lighting, the lamp is damaged or manually removed, and the circuit automatically returns to zero and no longer works;
   D Short-circuit protection, short-circuit protection immediately after wiring short-circuit, automatic recovery of the path after troubleshooting.
   E chip control, digital circuit, self-test, alarm function, in line with the latest international standards.
7 Technical parameters:
Input: AC 100V-270V 50HZ
Output: default DC 36V power: 10-40W lamps, emergency brightness up to 5W;
Emergency time: set according to customer requirements;
Battery: 3.6V lithium battery installed in emergency power supply box
Charging current: 200mA Overall size = 150*40*30mm Weight = 200g

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