HC-B028V Hot sales portable veterinary sperm analysis machine CASA sperm analyzer

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Lenovo computer
1 set
Panosonic camera
1 set
Biological microscope(10x/20x/40x/100x)
1 set
Heating stage
1 piece
Counting chamber
1 piece
Capture card
1 set
1 set
Video cable
1 set
Power supply

Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) is magnifies semen samples through microscope, then puts the microscope image into computer through electronic picture pick-up system, and after that carries out detection and analysis of automatic quality-and-quality-determination of the sperm density, activity, motility rate, and characteristics of movement locus. This system is especially applicable for clinical semen detection and can highly increase the standard of clinical detection. It can be widely used in urological department, and riatrics, department of obstetrics and gynecology (test tube baby), birth control and the research of healthy birth and sound care. It can also be applied in some specialized fields, such as biologic research institute, research institute of endangered animal and rare animal, research institute of artificial propagation of livestock, and artificial insemination station, etc. compare with the tradition methods of analysis, this system has a fast speed, a sound quantification, a high accuracy and an abundant detection parameter data, therefore it can provide objective detection foundation for clinic and scientific research. In addition, it has the features as follow:
Being easily operated, causing little pollution and having a high degree of intelligence, ect.

Analysis Parameters
Curvilinear motion: Average velocity curve, the
total number of sperm curvilinear motion, curvilinear motion viability;
Linear motion: the average linear velocity, the total number of sperm linear motion, linear motion viability;
Average Path Movement: average path velocity, the total number of sperm movement path, the path motion viability;
Statistical Classification of sperm velocity: a class fast forward movement rate, slow forward motion before b-grade rate, c-class rate to non-sports before, d level or does not move very slow rate.
Sperm density, side swing value, swing, mean whipping frequency, linear speed.
Display a variety of velocity and sperm vitality grade histogram, sperm trajectories dynamic and static maps
Test data is according with World Health Organization standards WT0 plate detection using standard sperm count (Gap:10um)
1, the number of image acquisition (amplitude) -30 pieces
2, the field of view of each acquisition and analysis time (in seconds) <5s
3, the range of the detected velocities 0-180
4, the selected FOV (field) 1-20
5. The maximum measured every sperm count (a) 1000, error ± 2%
6, sperm density detection range of 0-300 one million / ml (3 billion) in without dilution
7, for the microscope objective magnification 10X.20X.25X.40
8, sperm detection system screen
a, sperm static maps b, sperm dynamic trajectories
c, semen characteristics of the data and the analysis of key performance statistics
d, show a variety of velocity and sperm vitality grade histogram
e, the patient's name and other case management information
9, the contents of the printout is not less than spermatozoa detection system
a, the sperm of the main technical data b, sperm dynamic trajectories
c, analysis, judgment histogram d, the patient's name and other case management information
10, test data (according to World Health Organization, WHO standard) uses the standard plate count ruby ​​semen detection (10um gap), with thermostat.
11, can detect the movement of sperm 26 indicators, and can track the trajectory of the sperm to describe the color trajectory (red, blue and two tracking tracks), the same field of view can be repeated playback analysis.
12, the preparation of the fifth edition of the morphological software latest WHO reference standard, calculate the percentage of abnormal sperm and make deformity classification; 26 indicators can be detected, and can be installed fourth edition of five sets of software.
13, can be sperm motility overlay chart analysis
14, can be carried out statistical analysis of the dynamics of sperm and medical records
15, can be carried out statistical analysis of sperm morphology and medical records (15, 16 items with statistical analysis)
16, with a test report horizontal contrast, virtual grid function
17, the dynamic parameters of the analysis with a, b, c, d-level analysis;
Morphological analysis with a total of 26 parameters:
* Analysis of the number of targets
* Morphologically normal sperm count
* Abnormal sperm morphology
* Bulk sperm count
* Small head sperm count
* Hammer-shaped sperm count
* Pear-shaped sperm count
* Amorphous sperm count
* Vacuolar head sperm count
* Double sperm count
* Neck and middle defective sperm count
* The number of sperm tail defects
* Other abnormal sperm count
* Sperm cells, white blood cell count, round cells
* Analysis of sperm count
* Header length (um), the head width (um), the length / width ratio (%), the head area (um2), head circumference (um), acrosomal ratio (%) * Average of normal sperm, abnormal sperm averages
18, WINDOWS 7/10 operating system, with the English version detection, the system can be connected to the hospital LIST, HIS, PACS (optional).
19, with the WHO only recognized world advanced US IVOS-CASA system was strictly rigorous clinical relevance, the results were positively correlated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measured parameters.

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