KNOFC Embedded FTTH Fiber Optic Quick Connector FTTH Sc/APC Sm Fast Connector for CATV

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Product Overview


FTTH Fiber Optic Fast Connector SC/APC Pass low and high temperature test

The fast connector designed for FTTH is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly, fiber connector is a evolutional field installable optical fiber connector that requires no epoxy and no polishing. The unique design of the patented mechanical splice body incorporate a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ceramic ferrule.We provide field installable high reliability fast connectors, our using our top quality ceramic ferrules with reliable and superior optical performance,their cable tensile test complied with telcordia GR-326-CORE.Using corning fiber and high temperature cycle test 24hours( -40-85℃) quality is stable working in poor condition.

Drop cable or Indoor cable
Fiber mode
Single mode or Multi mode
Fiber type
G.652D, G.657A1
Fiber diameter
Working wavelength
1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm
Fiber cable
3.0*2.0mm rubber-insulated optical cable
∅ 3.0/∅ 2.0 /∅ 0.9 insulated optical cable
Force holds 2 x 3mm cable
type at the beginning of the
fast connector
≥ 40 N, loss ≤ 0.4 dB (sample cable length: 22 - 28 cm, test time: 2 minutes)
Fiber lock
Lock holds fiber reliability, bears hang force ≥
3.0 N, attenuation changes ≤ 0.2 dB.

1.Reliable and superior optical performance
2.Using corning fiber
3.Imported Brand matching gel(FIS)
4.Print manufacturer name on fast connector body
5.Easy for assembling with mechanical splice and no polishing
6.Lock and open the structure to make sure optical fiber, flexible, easy to use
7.Operating Wavelength: 1310nm, 1490nm, 1510nm
8.High temperature cycle test 24hours( -40-85℃) is stable working in poor
9.Analysis 3D ferrule (3D geometry test)

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