Top quality 5 years old wood Zibibbo Italy Grappa

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Grappa of Zibibbo - dedicated to Bortolo Lotto.
First of the Grappas of History, we dedicate the Grappa di Zibibbo to Bortolo Lotto (1824-1907) the founder.
A unique grappa, a bridge launched from north to south, able to unite the great Italian food and wine tradition dedicated to the man who saw the unification of Italy.
A white grape variety belonging to the Muscat family, Zibibbo or Moscato d’Alessandria originates from Egypt.

Spread in the Mediterranean basin thanks to the Romans, introduced by the Moors,takes its name from the Arabic word “zabib”, which means “dried grapes”. It is a lowland, medium and high hill vine, which has found its ideal soil on the island. After resting for 5 years in Allier oak barrels, the Grappa di Zibibbo di Pantelleria from the Brunello Distillery releases intense floral aromas and pleasant sensations of ripe exotic fruit. Warm and very persistent on the palate with sweet-bitter notes reminiscent of candied fruit and almonds.
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Packaging: 700ml numbered bottle, contained in a wooden box. Production limited.

Our Company

Past: 180 years ago, Maria Marzari.

1840 - Моntegalda is where the story of the oldest family-run artisan distillery in Italy began with Maria Marzari, one of the first women entrepreneurs in the world of grappa making. She had 7 children with Giovanni Brunello. The two sons, Giandomenico and Antonio, were of great comfort and help to their mother in the distillery. At the end of World War II, which kept the two brothers away from home, they joined the family in Montegalda and resumed their work at the distillery. Today the distillery still bears the name "Fratelli Brunello" (Brunello Brothers).
Present: Giovanni, Paolo and Stefano Brunello...the fourth generation.
In the early 1980s, they refined the distillation process by bringing innovation to their range of products: from mono-varietal grappa to the recovery of indigenous grape varieties and the distillation of grapes.
Today Giovanni is responsible for the Administrative Area, taking care of the relationships with suppliers.
Paolo heads the Sales Department, interacting with B2B clients and consumers.
Stefano is the technical manager at the Distillery: thanks to his expertise, the distillation system delivers uninterrupted quality.

Future: Angela, Riccardo, Matteo and Enrico...the fifth generation.

They are growing and taking their first steps into the professional world
and in other specific trades.
Before the younger generation becomes more involved in the work at the family-run distillery, it is important that they have different experiences both in Italy and abroad, learning about diversity and gaining knowledge.

The Vision - The future of business in times of change
In recent years we have further innovated our business. We want our distillery to be in line with current trends, in terms of tastes, consumption and consumption styles.
Presenting the new image of the Brunello grappa are three new lines: Origins, Classics and Talents. These products reflect where we want to place our spirits. With our feet firmly rooted in tradition and our gaze to the future, we have undertaken a research project to preserve the heritage of native vines, rediscovering their original aromas and flavors, supporting the true "spirit of the territory".

Our Advantages

We are the oldest artisan distillery in Italy still working. We produce Grappa since 1840, same place, same family.
We use a distillation plant made in copper, discontinuous and with direct steam as tradition dictates. We look for quality in every detail, from the receipt of grape pomaces to the packaging of the bottles.

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Distilleria Fratelli Brunello S.r.l.
Via G. Roi 51, Montegalda 36047 (Vicenza), Italy.
+39 0444 737253 /

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