WEIHUA Double Beam Girder Type Electric Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane 20 tons

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WEIHUA Double Beam Girder Type Electric Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane 20 tons

Product Description

FEM/DIN standard best quality double beam bridge crane is designed and manufactured with European standard. The trolley is installed between two main girders. Thus it increases the traveling scope of spreader. This best quality double beam bridge crane is with reliable performance, flexible application range, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

Lightweight and Modular Design of double beam bridge crane:

1. Overall height is 20%~25% lower than traditional cranes;

2. Self-weight is lighter by 20%~30%;

3. Max wheel load reduces 15%~20%;

4. Smaller limiting size increases working scope;

5. Light structure reduces the cost of workshops;NLH1

Advanced Manufacturing Technology of double beam bridge crane:

1. Sandblast pretreatment on steel plates and the surface quality reaches Sa2.5;

2. CNC cutting machine cuts webs plate to insure the curved surface is smooth and accurate;

3. Seams are soldered by automatic arc welding and detected by ultrasonic and X-ray ;

4. The structure of girder and trolley is manufactured by floor-type boring lathe to insure flatness.

Safety of double beam bridge crane:

1. Safety supervision system is with an overload limiter and shows the load value on screen to warn operator to avoid overload;

2. Before start up, the whole system will carry out self-checking includes: power supply voltage, default phase, validity of the safe protection device and the zero button;NLH2

Intelligent of double beam bridge crane:

1.  Electric anti-sway tech realize accurate positioning;

2. Advanced electric control tech turn it into a crane robot with semi-automatic control and full-automatic control;

High Reliability of double beam bridge crane:

1. Use imported motor with insulation grade of F and protection degree of IP54. With overheat alarm. The motor is shielded by aluminum alloy stretching cover with good heat dissipation performance;

2. Imported reducer from Germany. hardened gears with good bearing capacity, excellent seal without penetration of grease;QDxx1

3. Main electric components imported from international brands such as: Siemens, Schneider and ABB etc. with protection degree not lower than IP54;

4. Wheels are forged by 65mn alloy steel with features of wear-proof, anti-fatigue and long service life.

5. Low energy consumption and maintenance free;

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CapacitySpan            (m)Lifting Height   (m)Work DutyLifting Speed  (m/min)Trolley Speed (m/min)Crane Speed (m/min)Max Wheel Load       (kN)
510.5 A5   35.8
13.5    38.6
16.560.66/4    0.8/52.0-203.0-3042.4
19.591.0/6.8   1.3/88.0-304.0-4045.6
22.5121.6/10  50.8
25.5    57.8
28.5    64.8
31.5    69.8
1010.5 A5   60.5
13.5    64.5
16.560.66/4    0.8/52.0-203.0-3069
19.591.0/6.8   1.3/88.0-304.0-4076.3
22.512   80.7
25.5    85.9
28.5    92.6
31.5    100.5
2010.5 A5   112
13.5    120
22.5121.2/4.95  140.2
25.5    74.6
28.5    78.5
31.5    88.4
5010.5 A5   136
13.5    142
16.56   149
25.5    167
28.5    178
31.5    180

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1, What's information should I provide to get the price?

More parameters, such as lifting capacity, lifting height, span, power supply, etc. And if you can give us your design drawing, that will be very helpful.

2, Which kind crane can you provide?

Weihua is a famous leading manufacturer with experienced designers, engineers and a 600- people R&D team to provide all kinds crane with customized parameters.

3, What services can you provide?

We have a complete pre-sales&after-sales service system, and our engineers are available overseas. And we also provide training for your crane operators.

4, Which brand are the accessories and electronic components in your cranes?

We have a long term cooperations with ABB, Siemens, Schneider, SEW, etc. And we have world-leading processing machines which are imported from Japan and German.

5, Do you provide crane spare parts?

Yes, of course, we can provide motors, reducers, brakes, hooks, remote controllers, wheels, crane rails, end carriages, enclosed busbar and so on. 

Notes: If you want to ask any questions about this product directly with us, pls click here!

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