22km 12X Ultra Long Range Dual Sensor Professional Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera for military and board

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Product Overview


Part Number
Detect Distance
22km for vessel/18km for human
Identify distance
15km for vessel/9km for human
Thermal Imaging Module
Uncooled focal plane array VOx detector
Spectral range :3.7μm~4.8μm
NETD: 50mK(@25℃ F1.0)
Lens: 50mm
FoV: 12°×9°
Image Processing
1. Image enhancement: SDE digital image enhancement technology to enhance image details
2. Pseudo-color polarity: 10 kinds of pseudo-color images, two polarities of hot black/hot white
3. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast
4. Electronic zoom: 2×, 4×, support global synchronous display
5. NUC correction: automatic/manual correction, background correction
Gain Function
1. Strong light protection: support, anti-sun burn function
2. Temperature correction: no thermal imaging design, imaging clarity is not affected by temperature
3. Scenario mode: support multiple configuration scenarios, adapt to applications in different environments
Smart Function
1. Intelligent analysis: regional invasion, departure, mixing line, staying, wandering, target movement trajectory
2. Alarm output: RS485 continuous output, support multi-target number alarm
3. Alarm linkage: The PTZ camera can be linked to automatically align and zoom in to capture the target, and it can track
continuously, and supports multi-target patrol tracking
4. Parameter setting: remote setting via network
5. Working temperature: 0℃~60℃
6. Power consumption: about 0.3W
Pan tilt structure
1. Load: 15kg (top load)
2. Range: horizontal 0~360°, pitch -70°~+30°
3. Rotation speed: horizontal 1°/S~9°/S, pitch 1°/S ~4°/S
4. Preset positions: 32
5. Accuracy: ±0.5° (optional high-precision pan-tilt ±0.1°)
6. Cruise scan: 1 each
7. Watch: preset position/automatic cruise route/automatic scan route
8. Power-off memory: support (recoverable position before power-off, preset position status, cruise status, line scan status)
9. Angle return: support query return
10. Power consumption: about 60W
1. Video output: 1 BNC, PAL/NTSC composite video
2. Control interface: 1 RS485 (default PELCO D protocol, baud rate: 2400bps/sec)
3. Parameter setting: OSD menu remote call operation
4. Power supply: AC24V power supply mode
5. Physical interface: alloy waterproof aviation plug
1. Network interface: 1 RJ45, 10/100 Base-T adaptive (integrated video output and RS485 control)
2. Network protocol: support TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v6; support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS,
FTP; support PSIA, ONVIF, etc. Network protocol
3. Coding method: H.264, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-2, MJPEG
4. Resolution: D1/4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
5. Frame rate: 25 PAL/30 NTSC frame@D1
6. Local storage: support 1 microSD card 32G
7. Power consumption: about 6W
1. Shell protection: IP66, super aluminum alloy shell, the shell is sealed to avoid the growth of mold and the production of water
2. Working temperature: -25℃~55℃ (-40℃ optional)
3. Power consumption: 8W in normal state, 36W at start-up peak (not including PTZ power consumption)
ü 20~7500mm
ü Megapixel HD Infrared correction
ü Electric variable DC8~12V,
ü auto iris
Image processing
1. Stable operation temperature without TEC, starting time less than 4 seconds
2. SDE digital image processing
3. 10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse
4. Brightness, contrast, gamma correction
5. 2X digital amplification
6. Optional penetrate fog function
Hot target intelligent alarm
1. 255 adjustable alarm threshold values
2. Adjustable monitoring area, auto detection of target size
3. 1-16 alarm targets, auto selection of the most obvious one
4. Two types of alarm: screen display and audible alarm
5. Less than 0.01s alarm response ensures no omission
6. All parameters can be modified via OSD menu, universally adaptable
7. Optional IP network coding transmission, and provide free platform and SDK
1.Material: integral aluminum alloy housing, stainless steel, anti strong wind ;
2.Structure: Integral double window
3.Window glass: 4mm optical glass ,transmission>98% ;
4.Surface coating: PTA three-proofing coatings ,
5.Protection:IP66 sealing rate, anti sea water corrosion(optional);
6.Applied thermal balance design and wide temperature electronics ,which could operate under high / low temperature ;
7.Interface : waterproof aviation connector ;
1. Load: 30kg
2. Rotation: pan: 0~360°, tilt: -45°~+45°
3. Rotation speed: Pan:0.1~60°/s, tilt: 0.1~30°/s
4. 80 preset, 256 can be extended. Intelligent functions such as cruise, the apple peel scanning
5, windproof, anti-shake
6, automatic locking function, produce the alarm when without background software command
7, the OSD menu function, location, real-time display
8, can real-time back azimuth information, linkage with GIS map location
Main board
1. 32 bit ARM embedded MCU control circuit ;
2.DC3V,5V,12V,24V multiple power supply to ensure stable operation of camera ,detector ,lens and PT ;
3. 5 groups of 12bits AD sampling hole, built-in synchronous algorithm data ,which could ensure focal length and PT rotation
synchronously follow up with presets ;
4.Reserved video processing interface , could extend lens auto focus function;
5.Optional: Intelligent 3D positioning function. Control PT rotation and Lens zoom functions .
1. RS-422(PELCO D protocol, Baud rate 2400bps), PAL/NTSC, HD network, switch alarm
2.Optional DVE102 intelligent hybrid encoder, RJ45 network interface communication (including video and azimuth of return data,
PTZ control, alarm data transmission)
3. AC24V(DC24V optional)
4. Military level waterproof connector
1.Support TCP/IP、HTTP、DHCP、DNS、DDNS、RTP protocols ;
2.Support Onvif 2.0
3.Support Pelco-D Pelco-P, baud rate:2400,4800,9600,19200 optional ;
Power supply
AC24V / DC24V ±10 %,50HZ, AC220V→AC24V adapter .
Environment indicator
1. One integral aluminum alloy housing. IP66 ingress protection
2. Operational temp。: -25°~55° (-40° optional)
3. Storage temp。: -35°~75°
3. Storage temp。: -35°~75°
3. Storage temp。: -35°~75°

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Hangzhou Huanyu Vision, established in 2019, is based in Zhejiang, China. We have more than 50 staff. Our market is Eastern Asia(25.00%), North America(25.00%), Western Europe(20.00%), Eastern Europe(15.00%), South Asia(5.00%).

2. What warranty do we offer?
We always make a pre-production sample before mass production, and always make total and final Inspection before shipment.

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Zoom camera module, Zoom camera, Camera block, Marine PTZ, IR PTZ, 4G PTZ.

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More than 10-year experience in zoom camera module and PTZ design. Our factory covers an area of 2500 square meters, with 200 employees and 30 R&D engineers. We were awarded National High-tech Enterprise, Provincial R&D Center in China.

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OEM and ODM service is available.
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