China Made Strong Shock Resistance Straight Flange Valve Body Test Pressure Machine

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Product Overview


Valve test bench for flanged or welded globe valves, ball valves and
regulating valves

The SST-L300 valve hydraulic test bench is based on our company's many years of producing valve testing equipment technology and
strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The product complies with relevant standards such as
GB/T13927-2008 "General Valve Pressure Test", GB/T26480-2011 "Valve Test and Inspection" and AP1598 American Standard.

The test bench integrates hydraulic pressure, machinery, electrical appliances and media storage and circulation. It has the
advantages of reasonable structure, perfect function, stable performance, and high degree of automation. It is widely used in high
and medium straight flange valves with a nominal diameter of DN50-300mm , Low-pressure sealing and strength testing, is the most
ideal valve testing equipment for valve manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, natural gas, water supply and drainage
engineering, power plants, valve maintenance stations and other industries.

SST-L300 structure and working principle
SST-L300 valve hydraulic test bench is composed of hydraulic system, electrical control system, high and low pressure water pump
pressure device system, oil pressure, water pressure instrument system, control valve system, clamping table system, top pressure
cylinder system and hydraulic medium storage The composition of the circulating water tank, the test process and the results, meet
the relevant regulations and requirements.

The test bench's downward working bench adopts the valve flange end face seal. The claws are used to directly clamp the back of
the valve flange. The clamping mechanism is directly driven by the clamping cylinder of the clamping claws to work. The radial
movement is composed of cylinders and levers. The clamping jaws move synchronously in the radial direction, and have no external
force influence on the test valve. The top pressure cylinder on the test bench can move up and down axially without being limited
by the length of the test valve structure. The top pressure cylinder cross frame has the function of rotating 90 degrees by hand
to facilitate valve loading and unloading. . The high-pressure water pump is powered by a 4-7 air pressure system, and the
direction of the high-pressure water cylinder (pump) is automatically reciprocated through the electrical control of the reversing
valve, and the water suction check valve and the water discharge check valve are used to exchange continuously to the tested
valve. The supply pressure meets the pressure requirement of the tested valve.
Working process: Adjust the pressing pressure of the cylinder according to the nominal diameter and pressure of the valve (refer
to the pressure comparison table)-compress the workpiece-turn on the low water pump for quick water injection-turn on the high
pressure water pump (pressure can be set)-pressure keeping timer ——Relieve pressure and reset manually.
Set the compression cylinder self-locking function: when there is pressure in the test valve cavity, the compression cylinder
cannot be released. Protects against operating errors.
The buyer prepares 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, 8bar air compressor and cable.

Mainly parameters
1. Test valve types: straight-through flanged or welded ball valves, globe valves, gate valves.
2. Clamping method: the top pressure oil cylinder is adopted, and the lower part adopts the clamping jaw clamping mechanism.
3. Sealing method of valve and blind plate: O-ring seal on the end face, flanged valve can observe the leakage position.
4. Pressure test medium: water or 4-7bar low pressure gas (air or nitrogen).
5. Complete the test items: 1.5 times the nominal pressure shell test, 1.1 times the nominal high pressure liquid tightness
test; 4-7bar low pressure air tightness test
6. Test range: DN50-300, see the pressure test range table.
7. Test valve structure length: 120-630mm.
8. Test valve flange diameter: ∅195-520mm.
9. Test valve flange thickness: 20-40mm
10. Space between sealing discs: 100-690mm;
11. Horizontal distance between columns: 590mm
12. Top pressure cylinder: Ø150mm×1
13. Clamping cylinder: Ø100mm×3
14. Maximum clamping force: 50 tons
15. Reference dimensions: 2100mm long X950mm wide X2150mm

Equipment structure outline:

Pressure testing range: Meet the requirements of straight-through welded ball valves, gate valves and stop valves.

Nominal pressure
Pressure testing range
1.6-15.0 MPa
1.6-15.0 MPa
1.6-15.0 MPa
1.6-15.0 MPa
1.6-15.0 MPa
1.6-9.6 MPa
1.6-6.0 MPa

Function configuration of water and gas pipeline:
This test bench is equipped with a high and low
pressure medium water pump. The low pressure pump is a vortex self-priming pump with high flow pressure. The full load pressure of the low pressure pump is 0-1.6Mpa. The power source of the high pressure pump is the reciprocating pressure of the 4-7 air pressure system. The pressure value of the high-pressure pump is 1.6-20.0Mpa and the tested valve reaches the required pressure value, and it is equipped with an automatic stop function. The bottom of the machine circulates the storage medium water tank, and puts the anti-rust agent (powder) in the water tank to avoid rust and corrosion of the tested valve and pipeline check valve.
This test bench is the most ideal equipment for water saving and environmental protection.
The water and gas pipeline is designed with one-way pressure inlet and pressure relief, and the inlet port is reserved.
The gassource is provided by the purchaser. The design pressure holding time is up and the sound and light alarm is given.


Package: pack in plywood case
Shipment: by air/sea/express

Company Introduction

Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd is the member company of Suncenter Group, which is located in Dongguan city of
Guangdong province in China. With more than 15 years experiences in fluid pressure exchange and controlling field, we provide
various kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic booster pumps, systems and solutions to the customers all over the world. Due to our best
product quality, competitive price as well as excellent after-sales service, we have win a great reputation in the field.

Our main products including:
1. High Pressure Booster Pumps ( Gas Booster Pump, Air Driven Liquid Pump, Air Amplifiers)
2. High Pressure Systems (Gas/Liquid Booster System,Hydro test bench,Chemical injection system,CO2/FM200 filling machine, Tube Expanding Machine)
3. High Pressure Test Equipment(Hydraulic/Burst/Hydrostatic test machine,Cylinder test machine, Valve test bench,Impulse Testing Machine, etc.)
4. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders and machines(pneumatic hydraulic cylinders,pneumatic riveting machines,pneumatic press machines etc.)

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Our Advantages

-1. 15 years of manufacturing experience history. 
-2. faster lead time, the fastest delivery is about 5-10 working days.
-3. CE & SGS certificate approval factory.
-4. Quality control for every step while production.
-5. Professional engineers have working experience in Maximator.


Q: Are you factory? 
A: Yes, we have more than 15 years experiences in high pressure fluid exchange and controlling field,we provide various kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic boosters,systems and solutions. 

Q: Where's your location? can I visit you? 
A: Welcome to visit Suncenter, we are in Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China.

Q: How to operate the machine? 
A: After you get the machine, we will send you the working video to teach you for maintenance and

Q: How long is your warranty?
A: 13 months.  

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