Flame retardant PPS fill 50% glass fiber of automobile field High resistance pps

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Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Itd .Which is factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance.
The processing flow of the company's PPS plastic long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material is melted from the resin base material at high temperature and then added to the glass fiber composite to form a long strip. After cooling, the long strip is cut into pellets; Time for baking and drying; the particles are made into test strips after baking and drying, and then sent to the laboratory for testing and inspection, including tensile, impact, density and other performance tests, and after qualification, the final packaging and shipment.
Plastic raw material high rigidity pellet electric conduction PPS lgf

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Thermal Conductive PPS Pellets PPS Granules PPS resin Glass Fiber GF50
PPS resin is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. Its outstanding features are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties. 1. Excellent electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation), excellent flame retardancy, and non-combustible plastic.
2. The strength is generally very rigid and rigid, but it is brittle and prone to stress brittle cracking; after modification by adding glass fiber or other reinforcing materials, the impact strength can be greatly improved to improve heat resistance and other mechanical properties.
3.Good molding performance, amorphous material, small moisture absorption, but it should be molded after drying.
4. Liquidity is between ABS and PC. Fast solidification, small shrinkage and easy decomposition.
PPS GF40 heat and chemical resistance for auto parts

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Plastic raw material high rigidity pellet electric conduction PPS lgf
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Why Choose Us
1. The selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials is precise, cautious and strict
2. Pure material modification (nylon),no added materials
3. Bulk purchase price is affordable
4. International product customization process and service

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