Primary Polyetherimide Resin Injection Virgin PEI Resin

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Ultem Plastic Resin PEI Chips Impact resistance Polyetherimide PEI Resin
1, PEI (polyetherimide) is an amber transparent solid with good flame retardancy and low smoke, and the burning grade is UL94-V-0.
2, PEI has a strong high temperature stability.
High temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 220 ° C, can be used for a long time at -160 to 180 ° C operating
3, good hydrolysis stability, high temperature resistance, steam resistance;
4, polyetherimide has good UV resistance, Y-ray performance.

The main advantage:
Continuous working temperature range (-200--170 degrees long-term work), glass transition temperature and thermal denaturation
temperature close to, melting point up to 330 degrees; still maintain high mechanical strength, high hardness, high creep
resistance at low temperature / high temperature, Good toughness;
Outstanding anti-precipitation (suitable for use in sterilization rooms that utilize steam sterilization);
It is not easy to breed bacteria, and is often used in food processing industry; it has excellent high radiation resistance and
can transmit infrared light and microwave radiation;
Good electrical insulation and good plating performance;
The wide temperature (-200--170 degrees) range maintains a stable dielectric constant and loss factor.

In the electronics industry, connectors, general and micro relay housings, circuit boards, coils, flexible circuits, mirrors,
high-precision dense fiber optic components, high-temperature insulation panels; high-power lights and indicators in the
automotive sector Sensors for controlling the temperature outside the cabin, sensors for controlling the temperature of the air
and fuel mixture; handles for medical surgical instruments, trays, clamps, prostheses, medical mirrors and dental appliances,
trays for product packaging and microwave ovens .

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