Kamurokimairi, наслаждайтесь браком, алкогольный напиток с мелким вкусом вина

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Doburoku Kamurokimairi
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Doburoku is the prototype of sake.It is also said to be sake made by God.

"Doburoku Kamurokimairi" is a new flavor of Doburoku prepared with wine yeast. With 12% alcohol, you can feel the fragrant flavor of wine in your mouth the moment you drink it.

"Doburoku" is the prototype of sake. When you strain the doburoku, it becomes "sake" and the strained residue becomes "sake lees". "Sake lees" is useful as a nutritious food in Japan.

The difference between "Doburoku" and "Sake" is whether or not it is filtered at the final stage of production. Rice, rice ko-ji, and sake yeast are combined and fermented, but if you filter like sake, all the nutrients of the by-products produced by fermentation will be removed. Since Doburoku is not filtered at all, it can be said to be a healthy liquor that can be taken with the nutrition of by-products.

"Kamurokimairi" is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy rare sake. Enjoy the mellow wine flavor and the mariage of traditional Japanese flavors.

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Company Profile

We manufacture rice-based products such as amazake, doburoku, and rice bran snacks.
Amazake contains plant-derived lactic acid bacteria and is expected to have the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment.
Snacks made with rice bran have a hard texture, so even a small amount can give you a feeling of fullness. Rice bran is rich in dietary fiber and minerals, so you can enjoy snacks while being conscious of your health.
Doburoku is a sake that is said to be the origin of sake. By bottling all the born-products by fermentation, it is possible to whole nutrition such as amino acids.
The entire process from production to distribution is under our control.

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