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Product Overview



Product name:
LOXOWO Foliar Fertilizer (Organic Liquid Fertilizer) 【Planting Two Harvest Three】High-yield Projects Main Product
Product Description:
1.Foliar spraying instead of root dressing 2.Increase yield more than 30% 
3.Reduce the cost 
4.High effect for top-dressing
Product State:
Black Brown Liquid
Product Effect:
High-yield, Promote growth,anti-freeze and drought, disease resistance, anti-premature aging, fruit retention, bright
fruit,promote precocity, improve quality.
Product Application:
Cereal crops, Peanuts, Soybean and legume crops, Potatoes,Cotton, Fruit trees, Fruits and vegetables, Tea, Tobacco, Flowers,
Edible fungus and so on.
Product Usage:
Spraying evenly on the foliar front and back, one time diluted water 500-800time, spraying 2-3times during fertilization; period
at least 7 days each time.

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Company Profile

We are a company that focuses on liquid foliar fertilizer production. I think you will feel interested in us.
LOXOWO Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and research of new green agricultural biotechnology. It is a high-tech research and development company integrating biotechnology development, production and sales, covering an area of 80,000 square meters with fixed assets of 150 million yuan. It has obtained 13 items of product registration from the Ministry of Agriculture, 80 items of patents from the State Trademark Office, the State Intellectual Property Office and the State Trademark Office, and has reached a number of scientific research cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and scientific research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Usage of Foliar Fertilizer

Foliar Fertilizer Instructions and Effect
Crop Varieties

Cereal crops


1.Spraying once at seedling stage;
2.Spraying leaves once at jointing stage;
3.Spraying once at booting stage;
4.Spraying once at flowering stage.
(According to the situation can choose 2-3 times)

Drought resistance, disease resistance, antifreeze, promote the effective part of seedlings, to speed up the development of
rhizomes and leaves, vigorous growth, leaf dark green, promote spike differentiation, increase spikelet number, increase grain

Effectively enhance the function of stress resistance of cereal crops, improve grain ripeness, increase yield more than 30%.


Peanuts, rape
Seedling stage began spraying on the leaf 2-3 times.
Promote the formation of fruit needles, increase the results, over-saturation rate.
Yield more than 35%
Soybean and legume crops
10 days from the early flowering spray 2-3 times.
Increase the number of effective pods, grains, reduce disease beans.
Yield more than 30%
Sweet potato, potato
(Stem-like crops) seedling stage began spraying foliage 2 times
Tuber neat, bright appearance, significant yield.
Yield more than 30-50%

After the needle leaves
1000 times liquid spraying 1 times
Promote plant height growth, root development.
Promote strong seedling early
Budding period
500 times liquid spraying foliar 1 times
Leaves dark green, large and thick leaves.
Enhanced photosynthesis
The initial flowering period begins
500 times liquid spraying the whole plant 1 times
To prevent the bolls off, increase the amount of boll.
Single boll weight increased significantly
Boll opening period
500 times liquid spraying the whole plant 1 times
Promote the ripening of peach and improve the quality of boll opening.
Yield more than 40%
Fruit trees
Apples, pears, hawthorn, grapes, strawberries
Excessive flowering period, after see fruiting 500 times spraying the whole plant 3-4 times
vitamin content, increase coloring, promote maturity, enhance fruit tree disease resistance, prevention of fruit tree disease.
Fruit weight increase, fruit flavor improvement, commodity grade increase, yield 30-60%.
Peach, apricot, jujube, persimmon
Litchi, longan, citrus, banana, mango
Fruits and vegetables
Watermelon and other melons
1.1000 times liquid spray seedling leaves 1 times
2.The whole plant was sprayed once in growing season
3.See young fruit spraying the whole plant 2-3 times
Promote the comprehensive development of roots and leaves, seedling early onset, leaf color green, growing strong, improve
quality, increase fruit weight, sugar, nutrients.
1.Emergence and tidy
2.Shorten melon (fruit) node,vegetable yield more than 60%; fruit yield more than 40%.
Tomato, pepper, eggplant
Leafy vegetables, root vegetables
Vegetable beans
500 times the germination of tea before the season with spray 2 times
Promote tea buds early, improve quality, yield 45% or more.
Seedling spraying 3 - 4 times
Promote early emergence of tobacco, plant robust, good yellowing, an increase of more than 35%.
Pouring, spraying several times
Early flowering, gorgeous flowers, prolonged flowering, growth and robust.
Edible fungus
500 times liquid mixing culture materials, each wave from the coral period when spraying entities.
Early bacteria, anti-bacterial contamination, turn tide fast, strong mushrooms, an increase of 40%.
1.The table is not specified in the use of the concentration of 500 times spraying the foliage.
2.Each spraying interval should be 7 days or more. Leaf foliage uniform spraying, spray wet appropriate.
3.For crops not specified in the table, refer to this table for comparison.

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Pay attention to

1. Delivery time : 25 days after receiving the deposit.
2. MOQ : 1000 kilograms; samples can possibly be considered.
3. Payment Term : 30% Down payment, 70% T/T before delivery.
4. Validity : 30 days from offer date.


1. who are we?
We are based in Henan Province, China, start from 2002,sell to Domestic Market(80.00%),South America(10.00%),Mid East(10.00%). There are total about 101-200 people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.what can you buy from us?
Two is three,Youwang,A Line of Qing,YIKEWEI,Xin Man Feng

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are a company integrating biotechnology development, production and sales. We have nearly 20 years of R&D experience and have obtained 13 product registrations and 80 patents from the Ministry of Agriculture.The national standards for the use of foliar fertilizer are also provided by our company

5. what services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T;
Language Spoken:English,Chinese

6.Can you tell me the effect of foliar fertilizer?
After the sufficient basic fertilizer, spraying LOXOWO liquid fertilizer in the growing of the plant, to reach promoting the
growth of root and seedlings, Protecting fruit, shell fruit, and resisting drought, waterlogging, anti-stubble, anti-premature aging, anti-disease, improve quality, early mature, extend mature time and other significant effects, and can improve soil fertility, not compacting soil, can significantly reduce the top-dressing investment, greatly to increase in production.

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