Widely Used Notebook Clear Custom Sticky Notes With A Special Technique

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First marketed in 1982, this is Japan's most widely used clean paper sticky note in Japan. 
Our products are widely used by customers who dislike paper dust and by diverse industries which use clean rooms.

Sticky notes made in Japan with clean paper made with a special technique with materials selected to reduce dust.
There are two sizes.
Tag Tac comes in four colors to categorize things by color.


72mm x 105mm、50sheets/pad、30pads/case, 10case/carton

With an ultra-weak adhesive, it can be affixed and peeled off multiple times.
Applications: In a clean room, tag defective products with defect descriptions, leave hand-over notes to workers in the next shift, etc.

Please contact us for free samples.


Red color、25mm x 75mm、50sheets/pad、30pads/case、10case/carton
Yellow color、25mm x 75mm、50sheets/pad、30pads/case、10case/carton
Green color、25mm x 75mm、50sheets/pad、30pads/case、10case/carton
Blue color、25mm x 75mm、50sheets/pad、30pads/case、10case/carton

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Sakurai will continue moving forward as a planning, development, and trading company. 120 years after its founding in 1899,Sakurai has provided a range of products and services while taking new breaths and undergoing repeated business transitions.

At present, we are primarily developing three businesses involving information offices, signs,and industrial materials, drawing on our base in the sales of materials and equipment related to information transmission and image processing. In each of these fields, we continue to make progress with tremendous momentum in terms of technology and functionality, achieving remarkable change.

In the current market and environment, Sakurai will maintain its untiring spirit of challenge and will actively plan new products to provide new value as a planning, development, and trading company. We also seek to be of aid to society by continuing our efforts aimed at products that are kind to the earth and toward sincere corporate activities backed by personal kindness.

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