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Private Label Best Price Vaginal Detox Point Womb Wellness Vagina Tampon Cleaning Pills Yoni pearls
Vaginal Pearl Ingredients:
Sophora flavescens, golden cypress, mother chrysanthemum, dragon's blood, bombyx batryticatus, fructus cnidii, borneol, chlorhexidine acetate, corn starch, water.
Effervescent inhibit growth of bacteria or fungi. For women daily genital area health care.

1.For female vagina caleanness, effectively removes the rubbish and toxins of metabolism in vagina and the uterus.
2.Detoxification and bacteriostasis. Maintain an acidic internal vaginal environment.
3.Impove microcirculation, Eliminate skin's color spot, make skin smooth, white and elastic recovery.
4.Return to normal levels of estrogen, regulating menstruation, effectively impovementstrual pain, lumbardebility and other symptoms.
5.Effectively inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi, suitable for women daily disinfection and health care.

1.Wash your hands and yoin gently.
2.Tear up the foil pouch, and take out the vaginal anti-bacterial pearl.
3.Wear the sterile glove on your forefinger, and squeeze anti-bacterial pearl with your forefinger and thumb.
4.Push the pearl into vaginagently, make sure the end of tail is left out of the vagina.
5.After 48h, gently pull the tail line and take the pearl out of the body, dissolve one effervescent tablet into warm water and wash the yoni.
1.Four days after a clean period of menstruation, start to use.
2.Normally, after use one pearl set, interval time is 24h,then use next set.
Shelf Life
2 years


[Dosage and effect]
1-2 pellets Contract the vagina, increase the desire, and enhance the quality of life.
3-4 pellets Clear and cool down the blood, defecate toxin inside the vagina, dead skin and blood blockages will be eliminated. tampon 1-2 courses of treatment Recuperate female's internal secretion of the whole body, recover a shiny appearance, and significantly improve the complexion.

[After one course of treatment, you will find out the followings]:
Skin becomes white and bright. Black becomes gradually thin and finally disappears...
Skin becomes red and healthy, full and elasic, with red and yellow skin becomes lightened and finally disappears...
Skin pore becomes fine, and skin becomes fin and smooth, rough sense disappears…
Skin becomes moist and smooth. There is apparent sense when touching by hands, dry skin becomes moist and smooth…
Skin becomes bright and lustrous, color spot and blemishes become virtually invisible…
Skin becomes flat and smooth, small lines and Small pox become virtually invisible…

1. Washing hands before using. take out of toxin-removing Pellet from the aluminum foil pouch.
2. Untie cotton thread and pull it straight.
3. Hold on the end of cotton threadwith forefinger and thumb.
4. Pushing the pellet into vagina gently by forefinger with fingertip.
5. You will not feel the existence of the pellet when you place the pellet into the right position.the end of cotton thread shall be left outside of vagina, the pellet shall be taken out after 48 hours.
6. After 48 hours, the toxin in your body shall be adsorbed by the toxin-removing Pellet. Slightly pull out of the pellet from
7. Clean the vagina,place the nourishing pellet into the vagina in the same way like step 1,2,3,4.
8. Take it out after 24 hours and clean the vagina.

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