Оптовая продажа, капсулы порошка радуги ганодермы

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Improve Memory or Sleep
Herbal Supplements
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Dosage Form
Item name
Lingzhi Reishi Ganoderma Spore Powder Capsules
Ingredient of reishi powder capsule
Ganoderma lucidum,reishi
Yellow brown powder
300g/ piece
Type of reishi powder capsule
Health care product
Anti-tumor,anti-never weakness,anti-aging etc.
Taste of reishi powder capsule
60capsules / one bottle
Shelf Life of reishi powder capsule
2 years

Lingzhi Reishi Ganoderma Spore Powder Capsules
The Reishi mushroom, also known as Ganoderma lucidum and lingzhi, is a fungus that grows in various hot and humid location in Asia. For many years, this fungus has been a staple in Eastern medicine. Within the mushroom, there are several molecules including triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans, that may be responsible for its health effects. While the mushrooms themselves can be eaten fresh, it is also common to use powdered forms of the mushroom or extracts that contain these specific molecules. These different forms have been tested in cell, animal and human studies. The specific applications and attributed health benefits of Reishi include control of blood glucose levels, modulation of the immune system, hepatoprotection bacteriostasis, and more.
1.Increase in overall immune function and enhance resistance against illness
2. Effective in liver protection and detoxification
3. Regulate cholesterol & blood pressure, blood sugar level and improve blood circulation
4. Anti-oxidative
5. Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
6. Increase metabolism, delay the aging process, and soothe the nerve.


1. Question: Is the product a mushroom powder or an extract? Does it come from the fruit body or mycelium?
Answer: We only use the fruit body and supply mushroom powder & Extract both. The mushroom powder is less potent than a concentrated extract. Traditional Chinese Medi-cine practitioners will boil herbs for long periods to extract the medicinal compounds. A hot water extract is a very simple and effective way to concentrate mushrooms and At the same time make them more bioavailable.
2. Question: Is the product organic?
Answer: Be sure it is Certified Organic USDA. Organic means the mushrooms must be grown under Organic conditions and process in Organic GMP workshop. Natural does not mean organic.
3. Question: Any proof that this is an organic product? There is no us organic logo and it makes me a little worried, thanks?
Answer: Yes, we can provide COA with Organic certification for each mushroom species. You can find our 2018 new USDA/NOP/DAKKS/JAS Organic photos on the website. Clear files will be shown after your contact.
4. Question: How does this taste? What is the best way to eat this with dosage? Does it dissolve in hot water?
Answer: It smells a bit like bitter, tastes like mushrooms bitter but not overpowering. It goes well with coffee & tea & soup but also good in fruit smoothies. We suggest 1g per day more or less for keeping health. It dissolves instantly in hot water or when blended well.
5. Question: Do you offer this in capsules as well?
Answer: Yes, we offer in capsule form as well! Kindly contact with us for details.
6. Question: Should I store the product in a refrigerator?
Answer: It is fine to store at room temperature as long as you keep it well sealed and in a cool, dry place. It can be refrigerated as well but be sure it is sealed well.
7.Question: What is the expiration date if you buy today?
Answer: The expiration date is on the package and is 2 years from the time it was produced. normally the date very fresh for it' shot sale.
8. Question: Is it possible to get a FREE SAMPLE to have a try? How can I place an order?
Answer: Yes, few grams of samples are available to supply for your taste. There’re choices to contact with us like Trade assurance online, send an inquiry, chat on trade manager for an order placing.
9. Question: Does Trade Assurance charge fees?
Answer: No. Trade Assurance order protection is a FREE service for buyers. Standard transaction fees still apply.

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