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Silk Sericin Moisturizing Beauty Lotion Series [Kinumoyofu]

Silk is primarily made up of two proteins called fibroin and sericin. Sericin serves as a lubricant when silkworms are producing silk to make their cocoons.

The proteins in silk are considered to be very similar to the proteins in human skin, and they are made up of about 18 types of amino acids.
Sericin is a water soluble protein that coats the surface of silk threads.

This natural sericin amino acid has powerful moisturizing effects that protect the delicate skin of silkworms from drying out.
We have been using these properties to manufacture a range of high grade moisturizing creams and skin lotions since 2000.
[The Secret of Silk Sericin Cosmetics' Popularity]
Customer Feedback...I mix it with my own skin lotion and started using it for about 2 weeks. My skin was silky smooth and sparkling. The light color looks like you put on makeup foundation or sunscreen. In any case, it definitely feels good to use.

■ We used natural sericin amino acid extracted at silk refining factories in Kyoto.
■ It relieves dry skin and eczema.
■ It absorbs rapidly into the skin, restoring a smooth, fair complexion.
■ Hardened skin can be softened by using the concentrated gel.

[Strengths and Performance of Silk Beauty Lotion]
■ We have sold roughly 50,000 bottles annually for the past 20 consecutive years.
■ We ship to department stores and other retail customers in Japan daily.
■ We perform OEM manufacturing of customers' original cosmetics. (3,000 unit lot)
■ We have received many positive reviews from repeat customers in Japan. Please scan the QR code below to see for yourself. (Japanese only)

Pure Sericin Concentrated Gel 50ml
Essence Rich Beauty Lotion Gel 30g
Skin Lotion 120ml]

Skin Cream 30g
Skin Soap 100g

Unit price
10pc lot
OEM manufacturing of original cosmetics
Minimum order of 3,000 units
Minimum order of 3,000 units
Minimum order of 3,000 units
Minimum order of 3,000 units
Minimum order of 3,000 units

Product Category

Silk Powder Cosmetics

Silk Powder
White Scarf
Tango Chirimen Crepe Fabric

Silk Underwear

Company Profile

The Tomioka Silk Mill, Japan's first government-run model instrumental silk mill, was built in Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture in 1872. In 1897, our silk factory, the present Tango Crape History Museum, was built in Kyoto Prefecture. At that time, the silk factory exported high quality silk white fabrics to dyeing factories around Milan, Northern Italy.

The furisode kimono worn by Her Imperial Highness Princess Michiko on the occasion of the marriage of the Crown Prince on April 12, 1959 was dyed from the white Tango Chirimen fabric woven at the Tango Chirimen History Museum.

In 2017, the Agency for Cultural Affairs recognized our silk factory as a member of the Japan Heritage.
In 2021, we began exporting silk products, and we hope to contribute to the prosperity of your business.

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