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Product Overview



Water DNA Isolation Kit



This kit provides a quick and easy method for extracting genomic DNA from water samples of various sources. There are a large number of microorganisms in water samples, and these microorganisms are widely used as important ecological indicators. Extracting high-purity genomic DNA from water bodies is a very important method for water environmental value detection.

Water samples contain a large number of inhibitors such as humic acid, metal ions, etc., even if these substances are present in the purified DNA in small amounts, they will affect downstream reactions, such as PCR and restriction enzyme digestion. Therefore, the key to purifying water genomic DNA is to effectively remove inhibitors in water. Adopting our company's unique DNA-only silica membrane spin column and solution formula, matched with Foregene Protease, can effectively remove various inhibitors in water, without organic solvent extraction or ethanol and isopropanol precipitation, and  DNA extraction operation can be completed in water samples within 40 minutes.

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Kit components:


Buffer SG1

Buffer SG2

Buffer SG3

Buffer SG4

Buffer PW

Buffer WB

Buffer EB

Buffer TE

Foregene Protease


DNA-Only Column





-No RNase contamination: The DNA-Only Column provided by the kit makes it possible to remove RNA from genomic DNA without additional RNase during the experiment, avoiding the laboratory from being contaminated by exogenous RNase.

-Fast speed: The operation is simple, and the water genomic DNA extraction operation can be completed within 40 minutes.

-Convenient: The centrifugation is performed at room temperature, and there is no need for 4°C low-temperature centrifugation or ethanol precipitation of DNA.

-Safety: no need organic reagent extraction.

-High quality: The extracted genomic DNA fragments are large, no RNA, no RNase, and extremely low ion content, which can meet the requirements of various experiments.


Kit parameters:


Kit Application:

It is suitable for the purification of the genomic DNA of the following samples: aquaculture pond water, pond water, tap water, lake water, river water, lotus pond water and other samples.


Genomic DNA Appliaction:

The genomic DNA purified by the Water DNA Isolation Kit has high purity and can be used for routine molecular biology operations, such as: enzyme digestion, PCR, Southern hybridization, library construction and other experiments.


Work Flow:

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Storage and Shelf life:


-This kit can be stored for 12 months under dry conditions at room temperature (15-25°C)

if it needs to be stored for a longer period of time, it can be stored at 2-8°C.

Note: If stored at low temperature, the solution is prone to precipitation. Before use, be sure to put the solution in the kit at room temperature for a period of time. If necessary, preheat it in a 37°C water bath for 10 minutes to dissolve the precipitate, and mix it before use.

-Foregene Protease solution has a unique formula, which is active when stored at room temperature for a long time (3 months); when stored at 4℃, its activity and stability will be better, so it is recommended to store it at 4℃, remember not to store it at -20℃.

-Dry powder Lysozyme is stored at -20°C; the prepared Lysozyme solution is divided into small portions and stored at -20°C.





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