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Manufacturers Agriculture Multi-span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse And Strawberry Greenhouse Turnkey Project

11 Years Factory
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We are the professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products.
We have professional engineer team with more than 10 years experience in customized orders.
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Products Description

HIGH-QUALITY POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL: The greenhouse film is made of high-quality polyethylene film, tear-resistant and against UV radiation for long-lasting uses.
MAINTAIN WARM TEMPERATURE: The greenhouse film plastic is designed against UV radiation in hot temperatures and can keep warm in cold temperatures. These cover films also reduce the absorption of dust for optimum plant growth.
SUPERIOR STRENGTH & TOUGHNESS: The greenhouse polyethylene film features superior strength and toughness, corrosion and tear-resistant, UV protected, and weather resistant.
MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION: The greenhouse cover is perfect for industrial, residential, construction, masonry, agriculture, and landscaping projects for a protective barrier. It is great for a DIY lawn slip and slide or used as a protective cover.Not only can be used as greenhouse plastic film, but also can help protect outdoor equipment from the wind and rain, for covering broken windows, and for general use within building and construction, such as protecting areas and flooring from dust and rubble.

Product Name
Greenhouse Film Plastic
Clear, customized 
Customized size
Customized size
Customized size
high tensile strength, temperature control, recyclable and eco friendly
1.sturdy and strong
2.dustproof, high light transmission, high strength tear resistance
3.UV radiation
Base on the material,size,quantity
Sample is free, but the buyer should afford the shipping freight
Lead Time
Around 5-15 working days according to the order quantity

Tips for Greenhouse Film
As the greenhouse films may adsorb each other, please make sure to rub the films apart after receiving the product.
✔Different from other greenhouse films, but with better quality polyolefin components, the greenhouse film has stronger puncture resistance, has a service life of up to 5 years and is easy to clean
✔ The light transmittance of the greenhouse film is as high as 95%, and the excellent light diffusion ability also ensures that the greenhouse has uniform light at all angles, allowing the plants to grow healthily
✔The light blue surface of the greenhouse film is more resistant to the damage of ultraviolet rays to the crops. The thickness of 6mil maintains the appropriate temperature in the greenhouse in cold winter rain and snow
✔ The greenhouse film is smooth and dust-proof on the outside, dirt and other dirt will not stay, and it will be clean after rain or strong wind. The inside prevents the formation of harmful drips
✔ Greenhouse film can be used to build greenhouses to withstand bad weather and cover other equipment in the garden such as lawn mowers, bicycles, etc. to prevent dust, rain and snow

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was established in 2013, in Guangzhou China. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, production, processing and distribution of the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps... Our factory covers an area of over 5000 square meters, with advanced production equipments, professional technical personnel and a modern management team. Through more than ten years' development, CUHOON has become one of the most reputable packing products enterprises in China. CUHOON has always been insisting on the quality standard of "high standard, refinement, zero-defect and strict production & processing flow from high grade material selection, technique to structure and quality check". Each step is orderly, and each procedure is checked strictly by professional technicians to ensure that our products quality will always meet customers' requirements. At the same time, by paying close attention to the production management and service awareness, we have formed scientific values of "people foremost, regard factory as home, integrity first, take value creation as pride", and these have motivated each employee's greatest potential and promoted our team's cooperative spirit. They have constantly improved themselves to create first rate job performance, making our products be well received by the market. CUHOON has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of well-known large enterprises for excellent quality, high cost performance and
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Professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products
Use good material; Well-equipped facilities; Quality is first; Customer is supreme;Soon delivery...

Customer Review

Good product for our greenhouse
This is working great for me so far. My plants are doing well and its clear enough for it to a act like a window to watch them grow.

Marianna Barbarash
Great product, it made my move so much easier!
Very sturdy and hard to ripoff, very happy with the product, will be able to use it in the future.

Robert J.
used it for a greenhouse cover. has lasted 4 months with no problems. clear enough for enough light to grow plants. great product!

Arkadiy Tkach
Just as described and came very fast. As soon as I got it I opened it and the quality is amazing! I put it on and around my outside porch to cut down on the wind. It is amazing how it has helped and it has four-year UV protection so it should be a lot better than just plain cheap plastic I've had up there before.

This stuff is very very strong. I built a lid for my box garden and this material was used for the roof. I didn't build a pitch into the roof and so about 50lbs of rain water collected on this material. The weight of the water was so much that my wood lid framework structure collapsed, but the plastic was completely fine. It didn't tear... It surprisingly didn't even tear at the areas where it was stapled. Amazing.

Excellent product. Fast delivery. I not only would recommend I bought more! I used this sheeting to replace old polycarb panels on a small greenhouse. Nice mil thickness.

Luci Moholia
Good quality, fast delivery.
Greenhouse film. Sturdy stuff. Only time will tell the quality of the IR inhibition but I'm hopeful.

Excellent Film and Size
This was exactly what I expected and hoped for. I’ll have to report back in a year or two with how well it held up to the elements. Used it on my 7x12’ cattle panel greenhouse and the size was exactly what I needed with almost no waste.

Melissa Pierson
Just perfect
This has been FANTASTIC!! My first greenhouse and I researched what type of plastic to purchase. My plants have been doing great and love this product.


What is film greenhouse?
Greenhouse films are exposed to high UV radiation, heat build-up on the greenhouse supports, and the effects of crop protection as well as soil disinfection chemicals. ... Therefore, the films have to be stabilized with the right light stabilizers and UV absorbers.

What film is widely used in greenhouses?
Polyethylene Film
Polyethylene, sometimes also known as polythene or poly, has always been and still is the principal choice of film plastic for greenhouses in most of the world.

What is greenhouse film made from?
Starting with polyethylene, a common greenhouse film used is 6 mil polyethylene. This is a smooth plastic that is placed on the roof of the greenhouse to protect the plants inside from the elements. It is an economical choice which will require replacement usually in 1-4 years.

What is greenhouse film called?
Polyethylene film
Polyethylene film is an affordable covering for greenhouse structures. It's easy to install and is much less expensive than glass panels or rigid plastic sheets. It is the most popular choice among small commercial and home growers.

What is polyethylene film used for?
Polyethylene Film (PE Film) is a thin plastic sheeting most often provided in rolls that exhibit excellent tape adhesion and lightweight durability. PE film is commonly used as a protective barrier in applications such as concrete and mortar, exterminating, pest control, waterproofing, painting, and renovations.

What do you cover a greenhouse with?
You can use glass, fiberglass, acrylic, double-sheet polyethylene film, polyvinyl chloride, and polycarbonate to cover your greenhouse. The covering is the most important aspect of your greenhouse because it will affect how much light your plants receive.

What are the advantages of greenhouse?
The Benefits of a Greenhouse:
Fresh greens, vegetable and fruit.
Transplant availability and success.
Fresh cut flowers all year long.
A warm place to go in the middle of a cold, gray winter.
Ability to grow things you wouldn't otherwise be able to grow (exotic flowers, tropical fruit)

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