Factory wholesale price LH-21 water-based cutting Fluids for metal processing cooling

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Product Overview


Factory wholesale price LH-21 water-based cutting Fluids for metal processing

Product Description


Synthetic cutting liquid


  LH-21 synthetic cutting liquid is based on Japanese patents technology. This product is environmentally friendly products compounded by a variety of imported water-soluble anti-rust active agent, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants. It does not contain harmful substances to human body and environment, such as nitrite, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, plumbean, etc., and with a high bio-degradability. Be used to protect equipment, tool and workpiece in the metal machining. There are many advantages, such as simple operation, reducing costs, improving the working environment, and so on. This product is an ideal synthesis anti-rust liquid for ferrous metal. The product meets JISK2241-86 standards (1 of W2 of water-soluble cutting fluid.


Technical indicators



  1.1 Appearance: light blue transparent liquid, no delamination and precipitation.

  1.2 pH value: 8.5 to 9.5 (5% solution)

  1.3 Rust resistance: more than 72 hours (5 % solution, 35 ± 2 degrees, grade 1 gray cast iron).



2. Performance and characteristics

  2.1 Suitable for grinding and antirust processing treatment of cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, and other materials.

  2.2 Synthetic cutting fluid with excellent lubricating, rust-proof, cooling, cleaning performance can prolong tool life, improve workpiece finish and processing efficiency. It also can be used for inter-process anti-rust.

  2.3 Non-toxic, no odor, no pollution, no stimulation for skin, non-corrosive machine tool parts and paint face through long-term use.

  2.4 Suitable for a variety of high-speed machining of high-speed machine tools, such as lathe, milling, grinding, planing.

  2.5 Easy to use: It can be diluted by tap water at room temperature.


3. Recommended concentration


Cast iron, carbon steel



Stainless steel

copper, aluminum







3% to 5%

3% to 5%

7% to 10%

3% to 5%


5% to 10%

5% to 10%




  Note: It contains the processing of cast iron and carbon steel, so it is recommended that maximum concentration should be used in high temperature and humidity summer season for security.

Packaging & Shipping


  4.1 Packaging: 20 Kg / plastic drum or 200 Kg / iron drum.

  4.2 Storage: indoor warehouse. Shelf life: one year.


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