Ферментационный резервуар для удобрений, вертикальный ферментный резервуар для удобрений

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Product Overview


Products Description

Fertilizer making fermentation tank machine fertilizer vertical fermenter tank

Aerobic Fermentation Equipment is the all-in-one machine which specialized in the treatment of livestock and poultry waste, kitchen waste,domestic sludge and other organic waste.
The process principle is to mix the material with biological fermentation bacteria, use the activity of microorganisms to decompose and mature the organic matter in the waste, so that the organic waste can be converted into organic fertilizer materials which can be used for crop planting and landscaping, and finally realize the resource utilization of organic waste.

Process Component

Aerobic Manure and Excrement Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Equipment consists of three processes: a)mixing part, b)high temperature aerobic fermentation part and c)automatic discharging part.


1. It can be high-temperature aerobic fermentation, using high-temperature biological bacteria technology, with low energy consumption and low operating cost;
2. Covering small floor area, high level of automation, one person can complete the whole
process of fermentation treatment;
3. Achieve standard gas emission by biological deodorization equipment without secondary
4. The main body of the equipment is made of stainless steel,which can avoid corrosion and have long service life;
5.Main body is with insulation design, auxiliary heating can ensure the normal equipment operation in low temperature environment;
6. After treatment, domestic sludge, food waste and livestock and poultry excrement can be used for processing organic fertilizer to realize resource utilization.

Technical Specifications

Aerobic Manure and Excrement Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Equipment
Working Area(m2

Total power(KW)
304 stainless steel

Application Fields

Aerobic Manure and Excrement Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Equipment can be widely used in livestock and poultry manure, domestic sludge, kitchen waste and other organic waste treatment industry.The treated materials can be used as green nutrient soil and organic fertilizer for gardens, so as to realize the resource utilization of organic waste.



1.What are the payment terms?
TT,L/C and trade assurance are acceptable,TT will be more appreciated,30% deposit before production,70% balance before shipment.
2.What is the delivery time?
At least 2 month after the deposit recipit,depend on how many machines included in the line.
3.How to pack the machine?
Standard packaging
4.How to install after the machines arriving destination?
Our engineer will go to customers site if you need,but need to pay installation fee accord with the contract.
5.What's the capacity you can do?
We always produce depend on customers' requirement.

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