Green, safe, healthy, halal empty hard capsules

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Product Overview


Product Description

Cap length
11.70±0.20 mm
Capsule length
20.20±0.20 mm
Final lock length
24.50±0.30 mm
Grain weight
122±8 mg
0.95 cm³
Loading dose
0.6(g/cm³)=570 mg
Dissolution time
Eleven minutes or fifteen minutes
Used for the packaging of capsules such as medicines, health products, health foods, etc.
Pure plant, green, safe, healthy, halal

Company Profile

Hebei Kangxin Plant Capsule Co., Ltd., located by the beautiful Longhe Lake and Langfang, Hebei Province, is a high-tech and innovative enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and high-end intelligent industrialization equipment.The expert team of the company, after more than 20 years of research and development and production practice, specialized in the production of high-quality plant hollow capsules, independent and innovative core technology, unique production technology, have been widely recognized by the same industry and customers.Products use pure natural plant raw materials, pure formula, safety, health, stable quality.The production materials adopt pipeline transmission system to truly separate the flow and logistics, reference 5S management and GMP medicinal standard, fine management, fine operation, frequent inspection, strict control, strictly control the product quality, and ensure that the product internal control standards are higher than the national standards.The product is applicable to various models of capsule filling at home and abroad, the probability rate is above 99.9%.The product is directly dissolved in water, and has the advantages of good toughness, not brittle, low water, stable molecular structure and good compatibility with drugs. It is suitable for the filling of western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, health food and other preparations. It is the first choice for high-end drugs and health care products, and a new choice for vegetarianism and different religious believers.Kangxin Capsule, high quality plant hollow capsule, serving human health!

Production Workshop

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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A:We are a industry and trade Chinese factory, since 2019, with various models of hydroxypropane methyl cellulose hollow capsules, such as 00 # hydroxymethyl cellulose hollow capsule, 0 # hydroxypropane methyl cellulose hollow capsule, 1 # hydroxypropyl cellulose hollow capsule, etc.

Q: What is the MOQ
A: MOQ depends on our clients demands, we welcome trial order before mass production.

Q: How does your factory make sure the product quality?
A: In order to ensure the product quality, we first establish process procedures, in strict accordance with the process specifications, in the production site QA monitoring production process, QC monitoring product quality indicators every three days, production product QC in accordance with the pharmacopoeia, all inspection after quality audit released after sales.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment terms accepted: PayPal, Ali Payment, Xilian, cash, direct payment of Ali platform online, 50% of advance payment, balance settlement before shipment, etc.

Q:Wonder if you accept small orders?
A: Do not worry, please feel free to contact, in order to get more orders and establish a good partnership with customers, we accept small orders.

Q: My demand here is relatively large, the order is big, you side how to guarantee the order?
A: You don't have to worry, in order to ensure product quality, you can visit our factory, watch the product production process in real time, and then in signing the contract.

Q:Can you do OEM for me?
A:We accept the OEM order and you get in touch with us and, depending on what you need, we will offer you a reasonable price and make samples for you as soon as possible.

Q: How can I place the order?
A:Remote communication to discuss the contract details, sign the contract, pay your deposit, then we arrange production; after production, you need to pay the remaining balance, we will deliver the goods.

Q: Can you send your products to China?
A: of course we will deliver products to you by air, sea, land, etc.

Q: When can I get the quotation ?
A:We usually quote within 24 hours after receiving our inquiries.If you are very desperately need to get a quote.Please call us or leave a message to inform us of your email so that we can respond to you in time.

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