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Product Name: Xanthan Gum

CAS NO.: 11138-66-2


Product NameXanthan Gum
CAS NO.11138-66-2
Molecular FormulaC8H14Cl2N2O2
Boiling Point241.11496






Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 is a high molecular polysaccharide material which is polymerized from the same unit with 5 Molecular sugars as a unit. Each unit consists of 2 molecules of glucose, 2 molecules of mannose and 1 molecule of glucuronic acid. There are pyruvate and carboxylic acid side groups on the side chain. Because Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 side chain contains acidic groups, it is polyanion in aqueous solution, forming the tertiary three-dimensional structure of xanthan gum.


Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 is similar to white or light yellow powder, soluble in water and insoluble in most organic solvents. The aqueous solution is not sensitive to the changes of temperature, pH and electrolyte concentration, so Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 is very stable to cold, heat, oxidant, acid, alkali and various enzymes. At low shear speed, it has high viscosity even if the concentration is very low.


The aqueous solution of Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 has high pseudoplasticity, that is, it shows high viscosity when standing, and the viscosity decreases with the increase of shear rate; The shear stops and the original viscosity is restored immediately. Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 can be widely used in more than 20 industries such as petroleum exploitation, chemical industry, food, dyes, ceramics, papermaking, textile, cosmetics and construction.






In order to facilitate storage and transportation, it is generally made into dry products. Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 has different drying methods: vacuum drying, roller drying, spray drying, fluidized bed drying and airflow drying. Because Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 is a heat sensitive material and can not withstand long time high temperature treatment, spray drying will make its solubility worse.


Although drum drying has high thermal efficiency, Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 mechanical structure is complex, and it is difficult to be used in large-scale industrial production. The fluidized bed drying with inert ball has the functions of Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 strengthening heat and mass transfer, grinding and crushing, and the material residence time is also short, so it is suitable for drying heat sensitive viscous materials such as Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2.




In the drilling of petroleum industry, 0.5% Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 can maintain the viscosity of water-based drilling fluid and control its rheological properties, so that the viscosity of the high-speed rotating bit is very small, which greatly saves power consumption. However, Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 maintains high viscosity in the relatively static drilling part, which can prevent the collapse of the well wall and facilitate the cutting of gravel out of the well.


In the food industry, it is better than the current food additives such as Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2, CMC, seaweed gum and pectin. Adding 0.2% ~ 1% to the fruit juice makes the fruit juice have good adhesion, good taste and control penetration and flow; As an additive of bread, Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 can make bread stable, smooth texture, save time and reduce cost.


Using 0.25% Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 in bread filling, food filling and sugar coating can increase the taste and flavor, smooth the product tissue, prolong the shelf life, and improve the stability of Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 to heating and freezing; In dairy products, adding 0.1% ~ 0.25% to ice cream can play an excellent stabilizing role.


Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 can provide good viscosity control in canned food, which can replace part of starch, and one part of xanthan gum can replace 3 ~ 5 parts of starch. At the same time, Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2 has also been widely used in candy, condiments, frozen food and liquid food.
















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A: We do provide our clients small sample (Sample size from 1-100 grams). Free samples can be provided for some products due to the material cost.



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