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The traditional Lang beehive has been favored by bee farmers since its invention and application in the 18th century. However, we are committed to finding a more convenient way of beekeeping, which can not only reduce the labor force of bee farmers, but also make bees work harder and pursue honey more safely without disturbing their living habits.Through our experiments, it is concluded that using our new artefact beekeeper can save 90% labor force of bee-farmers and improve 60% working efficiency of bees. In the past, it was very tiring and tedious to collect honey in the traditional honey collecting process.The purpose of the utility model is to provide a new type of artware bee box to solve the problems mentioned in the background technology.

The wooded bee hive has 8 or 10 frames. Three types of beehives can be provided:
1. One level beehive
Accessories: with upper cover, bottom board, inner cover, bottom box.
2. Two levels beehive
Accessories: with upper cover, bottom board, inner cover, bottom box and super box.
3. Beehive with metal roof
Accessories: with metal roof, upper cover, bottom board, inner cover, bottom box and super box.
If you need queen excluder and other accessories, we also can provide.

Product Details

Best-selling 2 - tier hives

The bee hive is made of China fir wood. It is langstroth beehive, widely used in the United States, Canada, Africa and so on.
Advantages of Langstroth Beehives:
.Most common system and considered the universal beekeeping standard
.Most "old-school" beekeepers and commercial beekeepers in the US use the bee hive

Langstroth wooden bee hive
Two layers
Total Size
With outer cover, inner cover, medium super, deep super and bottom board.

Our factory supply Langstroth beehive, Au Beehive, Korean Beehive etc. They can be made of pine or fir, and the beehives have two types for your choice: two or three layers. Different hives are equipped with either 8 or 10 frames. We also sell other beekeeping equipment: beehives, Frame, Honey extractor,Queen Excluder, Hive Tools, Bee smoker, Pollen, Prolis, Bee suits etc.Also OEM and ODM are available for us.

outer cover/lid
inner cover
super box /super
505*413*169mm=6 5/8''
brood box
505*413*245mm= 9 5/8''
inside box
bee entrance

Beehive frame
Deep frame
 483*448*232 mm=9 1/8''
Medium frame
483*448*158mm= 6 1/4''
Shallow frame
483*448*143 mm= 5 3/8''
top bar
26mm(W)X 16mm(thickless)
bottom bar
20mm(W)X 13mm(thickless)
 side bar=end bar
36mm(W)X 10mm(thickless)

A basic Langstroth beehive is made up of:
1. outer cover or telescoping cover
2. inner cover
3. one or more hive bodies or honey supers made of wood, plastic or others
4.(optional) queen excluder between brood box and honey supers
5. eight or ten frames, made of wood or plastic, per hive body or honey super
6. (optional) foundation made of wax and wires or plastic
7. bottom board, with optional entrance reducer

Pre-assembled metal teles roof to help keep the elements out, the reduce entrance reducer and the bottom board effectively keep
the insects outside. High grade wood material, durable and stylish. And the construction is quite strong, hardly deform. Very easy
to remove the honeycomb, and provent the bees from touch touching the honeycomb and the hive wall.

1. What’s your main products?
Our main products are divided into two series: HUADING WAX PRODUCTS: beeswax foundation, beeswax,synthetic wax, microcrystalline
and paraffin wax etc.; SHENGCHAO BEE PRODUCTS: bee pollen, bee propolis, beekeeping tools and machines etc.
2. Are you factory or trade company?
We are factory since 1988 ,after more than 30 years of hard working ,we have
developed into a global integrated enterprise with the production, processing and sales of wax products and bee products.
3.What’s your payment terms?
our payment terms :T/T, L/C,Cash, Western Union,Paypal. Service: relying on our huge market share of beeswax foundation, we have reached in-depth cooperation with many domestic beekeeping bases to carry out the exchange business of
beeswax foundation and bee products, and has established acquisition base for raw material, quality control department and marketing specialist to ensure perfect control from raw materials to finished products with excellent after-sales service.

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