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Aosa is a kind of seaweed that comes in flakes, making it easy to use in a variety of dishes.
Also known as "hitoegusa," aosa is a species of green algae that is different from the nori seaweed used in sushi.
It has a more yellowish-green hue than nori and is unique for having a powerful scent of the sea in its flavor profile.
The aosa we carry is sourced entirely from within Japan, and we can supply it for both commercial and retail use.

Product Name
Sea Lettuce
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This ingredient is highly nutritious as it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber.
For miso soup, we recommend adding 0.5g to 1g of aosa to each bowl of soup.
This product can be used in a variety of dishes as a simple topping.

<Strengths and past experience>
・Our company handles over 20 tons of aosa every year, and we have won the trust of our clients with our remarkable precision in eliminating foreign matter from our product.
・This product is used by many major conveyor belt sushi chains in Japan.

Company Profile

Asakura Noriten was established in 1941 and will commemorate 80 years of founding in December 2021. We are a primary wholesaler that purchases seaweed directly from various fishery cooperatives in Kyushu, Seto Inland Sea, and Miyagi Prefecture.
In order to provide households with seaweed from the 3 major global production areas (Japan, South Korea, and China), we established a factory in China in 2013 and a factory in South Korea in 2018. The factories in China and South Korea have properly acquired the Japanese techniques and quality, as they also export many products to the Japanese market and are supported by many Japanese clients. We hope to deliver smiles to dining tables not only in Japan but around the world by using our strengths as a primary wholesaler that purchases seaweed from the production areas in each country according to our customers' needs and delivering the Japanese traditional foodstuff known as seaweed. By all means, please savor Asakura's seaweed that is carefully crafted one by one using the techniques that we have accumulated over our long history of 80 years.

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