25mm 35mm Melt Extract Stainless Steel Fiber For Reinforce Refractories(430#, 446#, 304#, 310#)

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Heat-Resisting Stainless Steel Fiber for Reinforced Refractory Castable
The raw material is stainless steel ingots, using electric stoves which melt the stainless steel ingots to become 1500 ~ 1600 ℃ steel liquid, and then with a grooved high speed rotating melt-extracting steel wheel which produces wires that meets are our customers’ specific requirements. When melting down to a wheel steel liquid surface, the liquid steel blow out by slot with centrifugal force at extremely high speed with cooling forming. Melting wheels with water keep the cooling speed. This method is done to produce different material, different sizes of steel fiber.

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Remark: Stainless steel fiber products of various chemical compostions and Size are available at customers' request.

Package details
Specification: 325*325*250mm
PACKAGE BY CARTON BOXES, 20KGS/CARTON, or accroding to your requirement


The main functions of stainless steel fiber can
strengthen the toughness, anti-crack of the refractory , increasing refractory lifetimes about 2~6 times, steel fiber refractory reinforcement offers the end user a reduction in downtime and substantial savings in materials and labor costs.

Advantage of Stainless steel Melt Extracted Steel Fiber
1.Improve refractories performance
2.Improve refractories longevity
3.Improve refractories durability
4.reduce furnace downtime and maintainace cost


Steel fiber reinforced concrete is widely used in many countries all over the world. The utility model has advantages of strong crack resistance, strong impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, good adhesion with cement, reinforced component structure, extended service life, etc..

1. Metallurgical industry
The refining outside the furnace airbrush, dipping tubes, slag dam, bag lining cover, the triangle electric furnace, furnace cover, the molten iron trench cover, the torpedo cans, coke oven door, the heating furnace of steel rolling door, furnace roof, burn tsui, annular furnace baffle wall, hearth roll, forging steel furnace, steel tanks etc, items can be used for various refractory kiln linings.
2. The construction industry

Steel fiber mixed with mixes clay is rapid development of new composite materials in recent years, especially for the steel fiber concrete fastest development. Steel fiber with excellent tensile, bending, shear and crack resistance, impact resistance, resistance to fatigue, high toughness properties, are all items widely used in construction, road, bridge, tunnel, airport
pavement, hydraulic harbor, military engineering, all kinds of buildings and products etc.

3. Kiln
Sintering furnace, reduction furnace, finer, the flue, furnace burning tsui and other heat-resistant linings.
4. Petroleum chemical industry
Especially in the refining the lining of catalytic cracking units.

5. Electric power industry
Thermal power plant boiler heat resistant linings.
6. Environmental protection industry Incinerator.

1. We mainly manufacture fiber types includes,

a) Melt extract steel fiber
b) Hooked End Steel Fiber Loose Type b) Hooked End Steel Fiber Glued Type
c) RPC copper steel fiber
d) Wavy steel fiber
e) Micro steel fiber
f) Milling Steel Fiber
g) Polypropylene fiber

2. Application of Huaxing steel fiber:
A) Concrete pavement and industrial floor; commercial floor

B) Sprayed concrete ( Shotcreting ) in tunnels and mine

C) Precast concrete products

D) Bridges, Culverts and Hydrodynamic structures

E) Seismic resistance structures

F) Highways & Airport pavements

G) Heavy equipment foundation

Company Profile

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Packing & Delivery


Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A1: We are factory located in Yueyang city, Hunan Province, China.

Q2: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A2: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge within 2kg but the cost of freight will be burden by custom.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q4:Do you offer OEM or ODM service?
A4:Yes, OEM details can be discussed.

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