55 litre domestic 304 stainless steel distiller Alcohol distiller has brewing tools at home

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Product Overview


1:Place for steam pipe
Place for steam pipe
Grain that can be distilled and fermented in liquid form. Inner tube steam heating, do not paste pot. To steam wine, water at the
bottom of the pot is brought to a boil to produce steam, and fermented grains are added.
2:Thickened 304 stainless
steel steam sheet
Remove the internal intake pipe and place the steam sheet, which can be distilled solid state fermented grain. Steam heating, no
need to add water, do not paste pot (note: model 20 is ordinary steam sheet)

The clamp links at both ends of the pot cover and the air pipe
Heavy 304 stainless steel punching mesh steam mesh, mesh aperture about 0.3 mm

Installation Precautions
1: where the blue coil rises, water should be added. This model is a water-sealed device
2: the water of the glass water level mirror first boils, produces steam, and then pours into the fermented material
3: the lower end of the cooler is the water inlet, and the upper end is the water outlet

1:Metal thermometer
Metal thermometers require no batteries, are waterproof and durable,Control the temperature in the barrel at all times
2:Bottom return valve
When the bottom of the pot is drained, automatic air intake, balance air pressure, convenient drainage; When installing, the arrow
must face up

3:Discharge opening
The valve is opened for discharging
4:Glass water level mirror
The 1cm thick quartz glass is used as the lens. The lens can be removed and used as a descaling hole to remove the scale in the
5:Drain valve
To drain the bottom of the pan
6:Electric heating interface
For electric heating, install electric heating rod and connect to power supply; When not using power, plug the interface with a
plug cap

7:Water mouth
Cooperate with water level observation mirror, when water shortage, add water in time to avoid dry burning
9:Water inlet
10:The wine is mouth

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