Automatic Ammunition 9MM AMMO Making Machine Lead Wire Manufacturing Plant

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Pure lead extrusion press for bullet
For many years, the vertical Hansson-Robertson Continuous Lead Extruder has dominated the market. Although an excellent machine in most aspects, the large foundation arrangement that is required for installation is costly and sometimes very difficult to construct due to high water tables. We are therefore proud to introduce a new generation of horizontal lead extruders to the cable industry. This design has taken several years to develop.
Whereas the types of extrudable alloys, outputs and diameter ranges remain unchanged, the new horizontal, floor-mounted design gives the following advantages:

- No foundation pit arrangement is required. As the construction of such in Europe can cost somewhere in the order of EUR 250,000, this represents a huge cost saving.

- Having all machine components mounted on a floor standing base frame provides for fast and easily accessible maintenance.

- The extruder can be delivered with the control system already mounted on the base frame.

This means that all electrical connections can be completed and tested prior to delivery thus reducing time for commissioning as it can be positioned on the floor, levelled and connected to the melting pot and incoming power/water air supply, after which it can be heated and commissioned.
Naturally, the latest generation touch screen, PC-based control system is a standard feature of the horizontal lead extruder and provides fully-automated, high precision control over all extruder functions during operation and otherwise.


1.Machine Names :ammunition used lead core extruder


 2021 hot sell lead extrusion press , this machine is apply to pure lead extruding ,and lead alloy wire extrudering .


2. Parameters for ammunition used lead core extruder: 

 ammunition used lead core extruder



1)Main oil vat :adopt plunger type cylinder (Germany Technology) Vat diameter 450mm,rated working pressure 21Mpa ,Hydraulic system adopt steady speed structure to assure the extruding stability of metal&flux flow


 2)inside oil vat :diameter 120mm,rated working pressure 21Mpa, with the advantage of quick oil injecting to shorten the idle running time and enhance the productivity.


3) Hydraulic variable pump&hydraulic plunger pump one set


4) hydraulic valves :8 pcs


5) speed contrl valve: Japan brand


6)Temperature control:adopt Japan RKC termperature control system


7)material feeding :adopt hydraulic photo electricity double assurance control ,fully automatic control for the feeding process



3. About our company :

ammunition used lead core extruder

 ammunition used lead core extruderammunition used lead core extruder


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