Spray Drying Tower Washing Powder Making Plant/ Laundry Detergent Production Line/ Powder Detergent Machinery

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Product Overview


Powder Detergent Machinery

Powder Detergent Machinery

Powder Detergent Machinery

Powder Detergent Machinery

Powder Detergent Machinery



Product Description


This machine can make all kinds of washing powder according to your demand.

It’s professional washing powder production equipment. With this machine, you can produce detergent products shaped in powder, granule or paste by changing the formula, such as washing powder,detergent powder, hand washing powder, stain remover, industrial washing powder, concentrated detergent powder, beach power, washing paste and so on. We have a lab that allow us to analyse samples the customs supplied, then we offer relevant formula to them for free. We can also offer service to build a complete plant according to customer's requirement.

Usage of washing powder make machine

It is a kind of newly and specially designed equipment for producing many kinds of products, such as puffed washing powder, concentrated washing powder, strong washing powder, special laundry washing powder, hotel special washing powder, protease particles, ecological cleaning powder, bleach washing powder, washing powder machine powder, metal detergent, detergent powder, vehicle high bubble washing powder, ect.

Raw Materials which are used for making washing powder:

surfactant, auxiliaries, protease, essence, glauber's salt , polymeride and so on.

Characters of washing powder make machine

1 The machine is made of high quality stainless steel with automatic meter display.

2 One-time automatic production (expanded, super concentrated, bubble, add fragrant, enzymes, whitening, environmental protection etc.)

3 This machine can make all kinds of washing powder, according to the demand. of our clients

4 It is suitable for washing powder production factory.

5 It’s easy to operation with low cost, low power consumption and low noise.

 Mixing machine  :


Voltage(v)Power(w)Capacity(kg/per daySize(cm)Weight(kg) 
22015050095* 50*9840
22018050095*50*98 50
2203001000151*51*114 60
2203001200 160*50*11860

Weighing machine:7___.png8__.pngPacking machine :9_.png10__.png11___.pngThe whole washing production line :12_.png13_.png

Company Information


Established in 1992, we are professional manufacturer focused on the  machines.

Our chief engineers have been in this washing powder machine industry for over 10 years(finishing line washing powder machine making machine).

We know well not only how to manufacturer the machines, but also how to operate the machine to product the (finishing line washing powder machine making machine) .


We supply our clients a full range of technique assistance and make sure every client , no matter new joined or experience, can built & operate their own washing powder machine plant well. We will see to each client to get high profit by our machines.(finishing line washing powder machine making machine)

1, We help you to figure out the most suitable and competitive washing powder machine product lines for your aimed market.


2, We supply you the good quality and stable performance washing powder machine machines , spare parts and accessories, that is the turn-key project.

3,We send our professional engineers to your plant for machine installation, staff training, etc.

4, We offer consistant technique surpport during the whole life-span of our mchines.

Our Services

1.Reply all your questions within one hour on workdays. 
2.We have our own factory,can customize the product according to your needs. 
3.We have 10 years export experience,can supply the service of production,inspection of goods and transport . 
4.we test each machine before delivery ,make sure customer get the good quality machine they ordered. 
5.warranty time is for one year,professional timely advice and spare parts will be offered all the time.


 Export to different countries:_20210806145640.jpg



1, Q: washing powder machine industry production process?

A, Basically, the washing powder machine production need 2steps:

a, using all kinds of oil&fast as material to produce semi-finished washing powder machine noodle;

b, using seme-product washing powder machine noodle to produce end bar soap.


2, Q:What is the kinds of the soaps?

A: For convenience, we separate the washing powder machine into two kinds, toilet washing powder machine f.


3,Q: What kind of oil is suitable for washing powder machine production?

A: All kinds of vegetable oil and animal fats are usable, palm oil, cotton seed oil, tallow oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.


4,Q: What is the floor of the workshop size?

A: For oil line: 35*7m with height 7m;

For washing powder machine  line: 25*3m with height 4m.



5,Q: How about the Engineer and technique support?

A: 1, We would send engineer overseas for machine installation, staff training and production test running, till your own staff can operate the machine well and product out qualified soaps.

2, During the life-span of our machines, we should give consistent technique support and service, and we are pleasure to be on service of you.(24hours on line)

Packaging & Shipping


Welcome your visiting to my factory:

We are able to provide our customers with the total solution of "washing powder machine Factory" according to the different needs of customers, including technical support and guidance on equipment for oil treatment, saponification, vacuum drying, molding and packaging as well as washing powder machine production process.

For oil processing, building and vacuum drying systems, we choose the right washing powder machine based on the type of crude oil used (coconut oil, palm oil, animal oil, etc.) and the type of finished washing powder machine (soaps, transparent soaps) System, output up to 7 tons / hour.
For the forming line, we can make any formula of washing powder machine and transparent washing powder machine products. Not only can we produce 50-100 kg / h laboratory production lines for customer R & D and small-scale production, but also produce the world's largest production capacity of 4000-6000 kg / h production line, print 720 washing powder machine per minute. washing powder machine shape customizable according to customer, and can produce two-color soap, striped soap, pattern washing powder machine and other colors, and the washing powder machine can be printed on all sides to meet the multi-faceted, personalized needs.
For the packaging line, we have been able to achieve all of the currently popular packaging formats in the market, such as carton packs, pillow packs, double paper packs and round packs.

For line-end equipment, we not only offer fully automatic and semi-automatic case packers, but also robotic palletizers to meet the needs of our customers in reducing the number and cost of personnel and increasing line automation.
In general, we are the supplier of complete equipment for washing powder machine production and provide our customers with a total solution for washing powder machine factories.16_.png17___.pngWendy.jpg

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