High impact pps with flame retardant FR V0 20%glass fiber filled in pps particles for Electrical structure

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High rigid pps with flame retardant FR V0 20%glass fiber filled in pps

It is High rigid pps with flame retardant FR V0 50%glass fiber filled in pps.It has the characteristics of thermoplastic, light quality, toughness, chemical resistance and good product appearance. It is generally used in auto parts, mechanical parts, electronic products, engineering parts and other products.

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Product NameHigh rigid pps with flame retardant FR V0 40%glass fiber filled in pps
Product NumberPPS-NA-LGF20
Materialpolyphenylene sulfide
AdvantageHigh toughness
Low warpage,fatigue resistance
Good appearance of the product
Shipment PortXiamen
Delivery Time7-15 days after payment
packaging Details25KG/Bag(also as the customers required)
After Sales Service24 hours on line

Long Fiber's Unique

Comparison of Long & Short Fiber Pellets

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LFT full name is long fiber reinforced composite material, is a fiber length longer than the SFT (short fiber reinforced material) composite material, made by injection molding process. It has higher mechanical, thermal and electrical properties than short fiber materials; this is mainly due to the shorter long fibers at the end of the fiber, good filling properties, long fiber mixing in the mold intertwining, overturning, bending, Unlike short fiber blends arranged along the flow direction, long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) composites fill the cost-to-performance gap between short fiber thermoplastic (SFT) materials and advanced composites, so LFT composites are widely accepted as traditional A viable alternative to reinforced thermoplastics and metals for a variety of applications.

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Auto Industry:
Car front and rear subtraction module, battery bracket, hood cover, car tail door, skylight frame, door handle, etc
Home Appliance Industry:
Washing machine sink, washing machine inner tube, travel bag, trunk, bracket tray and so on
Industrial Equipment:
Power tools, pump housing, tubular frame, etc

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Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd is a company focused on long fiber reinforced composites. For those unfamiliar with using fiber reinforced composites to replace metal or other traditional materials, we have the ability to help you from product concept to production.



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