High quality slightly sweet import Japanese edible snacks bags

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Amamiya-san (Adzuki) 160g

Creating confectionaries that provide the utmost satisfaction. This is the firm belief that we have inherited since our establishment.

To provide our customers with blissful tastes and relaxing moments. To polish our confectionary-making skills and deliver them with sincerity. This is what we, Mitsutake Seika, have cherished for more than 80 years since our establishment in Kitagata, Takeo City in the early Showa era. These are the beliefs that we at Mitsutake Seika have carefully passed on to our customers.

Whether you are gathering with many smiling faces or relaxing by yourself, you will always find Mitsutake's sweet bean paste by your side. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, from the generous size to the compact size, and the individually wrapped type for easy storage.

【Material Quality】
Mitsutake Seika focuses on bringing out the flavor of the raw beans as much as possible. We do not use any coloring agents or preservatives, as we use the natural color of the beans themselves.


【Supplementary Information】
These azuki beans are rich in flavor.

Product Name
Amamiya-san(Adzuki) 160g
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Mitsutake Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Our company is located in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, and we manufacture "sweet beans" (ama-natto), which are sweetened beans of various kinds, and "stick juice", which is a soft drink.

We have obtained JUSE-HACCP2014 certification, which is a quality standard, and we take hygiene control into consideration in our food production.

Our sweet fermented soybean production capacity is over 3 tons/day, making us one of the top producers in Japan.

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