YSMRI-035 Mobile Veterinary X Ray Animal Radiography Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment

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YSMRI-035 Mobile Veterinary X Ray Animal Radiography Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment

Veterinary MRI

Product Description


Suitable for dogs, cats, mouse, etc.

Cost saving

Clear image with fast scanning speed

Big open magnet design, convenient for positioning

Compact, light weight and easy for installation



Animal-specific magnetic resonance, using high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnets to achieve high-resolution animal MRI.

This system is used for in vivo MRI imaging of rabbits, cats, monkeys, dogs and other animals, which can provide a more accurate and reliable basis for the diagnosis of animal diseases such as pets, so that veterinarians can better treat under the condition of clear diagnosis. disease. Suitable for use in laboratories, pet hospitals, etc.


1. Self-constant temperature technology: The self-constant temperature system ensures the stable temperature of the magnet, and the magnetic field has extremely high stability and uniformity, which can ensure the lasting stability of the image quality.

2. Magnet open design: the front of the magnet is extremely open, which is very convenient for veterinarians to position.

3. The wide-body design of the animal bed is very suitable for interventional surgery for pets on the machine.

4. Abundant coil configurations. Best animal magnetic resonance is equipped with a wealth of pet coils, whether it is large pets such as dogs, or small pets such as mice, turtles, etc., there are suitable coils for scanning.

5. The isocentric two-dimensional positioning method with high-precision positioning assistance can ensure that any animal is always located at the center of the magnetic field when scanning animals, especially pets that are difficult to locate such as turtles and rats.


Besda Animal MRI has non-ionizing radiation and non-harmful magnetism. It can make accurate judgments on animal brains and spinal nerves. For the intervertebral disc and spinal cord, the nerve roots, spinal cord and ganglia can be directly seen through scanning imaging. It also has high contrast for soft tissues and can clearly display details. It is better than CT for animal bladder, rectum, muscle, tendon, fat, fascia and other parts;


1. Small size, light weight, easy to install and maintain;

2. Humanized user interface, which can be changed in Chinese and English, and the operation is simple and practical;

3. The scanning parameters can be carried out according to the program or customized by the user. Rich pulse sequence and complete functions;

4. The DICOM standard interface is convenient for image management and printing, and the system is also very simple to realize network;

5. The humanized design of anesthesia conduction device is convenient for pet anesthesia.


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