Custom Cooling Water Diverter Water Manifold Shunt Pipe Injection Mold Water Distribution Manifold for Injection Molding Machine

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Scope of application: small and medium-sized laminating machine.
Technical characteristics: Flow rate 0-80/min; Standard: Molded brass sleeve ∅12mm for 3/8 tube or 1/2 tube, ∅10, ∅12 quick connector can be used.
Please read this instruction carefully before using it for the first time to avoid personal injury and equipment damage due to incorrect operation.
This product is suitable for mold cooling of various plastic molding equipment and die-casting machines with a cooling temperature of less than 80°C and a pressure of less than 8bar. The specific standards are as follows:

Maximum pressure

Note: 1. When the cooling water temperature exceeds 70°C, please do not touch the shunt to avoid burns;
2. Please clean or repair the shunt under the condition of cooling and no water pressure.

Installation Notes:
The size of the main water inlet and outlet of this diverter is G3/4'', and the length of the matching thread does not exceed 10mm. According to the actual needs, you can choose the left or right side and then install it. Please pay attention to the 0-shaped drawing when taking over the pipe.
The water pipe used to connect the mold should ensure its temperature resistance (above 80°C) and pressure resistance (above 8bar).

If dirt is found inside the shunt, please clean and maintain it in time;
1. Clean (disassemble) the water standard tube
-Turn off the water source
-Loosen the water label tube (turn the tube counterclockwise to disengage the tube from the top seat, and pull the tube out from the bottom)
-Clean the water mark tube with a cleaning brush
-Replace the 0-ring (at the top seat position, where it fits with the inner wall of the pipe)
-Fasten the water mark tube (the method is the opposite of loosening)

2 Replace the bad control valve
-Turn off the water source
-Pry up the valve handle with two screwdrivers (single word)
-Use a wrench to loosen and remove the control valve, and clean the valve seat thread
-Replace with a new control valve (recommended to use a new 0-ring)
-Tap the handle with a wooden hammer to reset it

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