Supplier economical hanging energy efficient electric infrared heater waterproof patio heater

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Product Name
Infrared Radiant Heater
Classic Black&Champagne
Place of Product
Fujian Province,China
Modes of packing
Packed in cartons
Cover area

Product Description
* Power ON/OFF freely, more energy saving, low cost
* Even heat, fast heating, good heat conductance, and low carbon
* No noise, no wind, no smell, no light, no dust
* Easy installation, maintenance-free, slim & light design, adjustable thermostat
* Far infra ray acts on the human body directly, makes people free like sunshine warm
* Good physical therapy health cares for the human body
* Make indoor plants flourish with heat exchangers with stainless coil
* Make indoor air clean & sterile due to far infra ray's disinfection antiseptic effect
* Even heat, smaller temperature difference, especially for ceiling mount
* Space heating, easy to focus heat on a certain spot within radiant range

Product Description

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Q: What is the infrared heater?
The infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through
electromagnetic radiation. No contact or medium between the two bodies is needed for the energy transfer. Infrared heaters can be
operated in a vacuum or atmosphere.

Q: What is far infrared?
The heaters use low watt density ceramic emitters (usually fairly big panels) that emit long-wave infrared radiation maximize the
exposure of available surfaces, then re-emit the warmth to provide an even all-round ambient warmth which means it won't heat the
air of the room directly. Because the heating elements are at a relatively low temperature, far-infrared heaters do not give
emissions and smell from dust, dirt, formaldehyde, toxic fumes from paint-coating, etc.

Q: How do infrared radiant heaters work?
Our infrared heater panels heating the people and objects first, not the air around it. Infrared rays heat the skin in a short
time, and that warm glow goes through the blood circulation around the body. So you feel pretty soon a comfortable warmth while
the surrounding air can be cooler.

Q: Are infrared heaters worth it?
It's safe to say that infrared heaters are certainly more efficient than tradition convection heaters, though they don't provide
the same scope of heat. Infrared heaters don't work the same way, instead of focusing on heating a specific area–and doing it for
less than half the energy costs as convection systems.

If you are interested in the infrared heater, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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