Factory direct sales Straight oil cutting oil with best lubrication

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Product Overview


Metal Cutting oil




LY-Y202 cutting oil is made  under specific process by kinds of additives, such as mineral oil ,oiliness solvent, corrosion inhibitor, EP anti-wear agent, anti-oxidant, ect.


  LY-Y202 is EP cutting oil, has good characters of bearing capacity, lubricating, cooling, antirust and anti-oxidation. It can satisfy the requirement of high speed, high precision, multi-function, high efficiency, high flexible for modern machine tool, machining center and automatic production line. LY-Y202 is suitable for cutting , nut shaping and drill of hard material. 


 Technical Data


     Water-soluble                                  None

     Appearance                             light yellow transparent oil 

   Kinematics viscosity(40,CST)                 15-20

    Specific gravity (15/4℃)                       0.88

    Flash point (open)(℃)                          >120

     package                                    20L/200L/iron barrel





1. EP, general type cutting oil.

2. Designed for stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel of cutting and drill.

3. Include specific EP additives, reduce the wear of cutter and inhibit the smog.

4. Suitable for the machining Aluminum and copper.


    cutting oil


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