Bulk Color Change Dark Laser Blue Sparkly Holographic DIY Chameleon Chunky Mix Art Jewelry Glitter Powder For Wall Paint Print

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Product features:

1. High brightness: High flash, high brightness and obvious mirror effect.

2. Shape normalization: Under the microscope, the shape of our glitter is regular and in a standard hexagonal shape. There is no difference in size and powder.

3. Strong acid-base resistance: Soak in strong acid and alkali liquid for a long time to keep the color bright.

4. Wide application: It can be used in the production of handicrafts, cosmetics, decorative materials and screen printing industry, cloth, leather and footwear, or craft glass, polycrystalline glass, crystal picture glass, crystal ball, paint decoration, furniture painting, toy pen and other fields.

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Coating Pigment, Cosmetic Pigment, Plastic & Rubber Pigment
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Inorganic Pigment
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Choose the supplier of Effect pigment products,Have you encountered any of these problems?Worried about shortages for big quantity? Businesses can't it. believe They're afraid it's a fraud Uncertain delivery time, slow after-sales response? After several sources, the price is too expensive High customization requirements, worried about the quality of substandard?

1.A collection of research and development, production, sales in one of the technology enterprises
It has standardized quality control system, global sharing system, external liaison office and other comprehensive research and development institutions .Design, production, sales integration, products exported to Europe, North America
Customers throughout the country, the service of thousands of enterprises

2.Strict quality, perfect quality management system to provide you with high quality products
It has a professional research and development team and the right to import and export, strictly implement ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, and through en71-3, ROHS, SGS, HR4040, MSDS and other system certification.
Excellent quality, to create high - quality chemical pigment products.Focus on product quality and service innovation, responsible attitude to provide the application industry with reliable quality products and application solutions

3.The introduction of advanced equipment at home and abroad, only for the pursuit of high quality

Keep pace with The Times, focus on research and development, to meet your different customized needs.In particular, because novel coronavirus affects the destruction and circulation of global goods, we strengthen the information display and communication and responsiveness of the Internet. Looking for a broader channel of commodity circulation to meet the needs of customers at any time.
In response to market demand, combined with China's vast processing and production environment and better cost control, we have changed from a single effect raw material supplier to a service provider for further processing for customers, such as pearlescent pigment. For the convenience of plastic processing enterprises, we can make pearlescent masterbatch; for the convenience of packaging materials industry, we can make pearlescent paper Zhang, or pearl film and so on. Please believe us,we are responsible for our commitment, tell us what we need, and we will finish the rest.

4.Fast delivery, fast delivery, quick after-sales response completely eliminate worries

Timely delivery, timely delivery, professional logistics team, the fastest day to arrive; Gold medal after-sales team, positive response within 2 hours, solved within 72 hours, completely eliminate your worries, service satisfaction 100%!

1.What can you buy from us?
Pearlescent powder, titanium dioxide, glitter, aluminum pigment, metal complex dye, synthetic grease, plastic masterbatch, etc

It mainly includes black-and-white masterbatch, color masterbatch, effect masterbatch (such as pearlescent masterbatch, gold and silver masterbatch, fluorescent masterbatch, luminous masterbatch, cat's eye masterbatch and extinction masterbatch), functional masterbatch (such as antibacterial masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, UV resistant masterbatch, weather resistant masterbatch, brightening and whitening masterbatch, cooling Masterbatch and Toughening Masterbatch) High concentration monochrome masterbatch (mainly pearlescent series and monochrome Series)

We focus on fine chemical materials. In addition to the advantages in our professional field, we share the resource advantages of upstream and downstream brother units, pursue low profit and long-term transactions, and create a one-stop chemical material purchase channel for overseas customers.

2.How can we guarantee quality?
Quality is the guarantee of long-term cooperation. In addition to advocating mediocre quality control, we will strengthen the principle of good quality control. In the process of delivering to customers, we will focus on the details, confirm the sample standards with customers, and ensure the unity of large goods and sample standards. We will have our own quality inspectors to conduct sampling inspection on large goods. We also welcome customers to entrust third-party sampling inspection. We are committed to solving some problems before loading the goods, so as to reduce unnecessary losses for both buyers and sellers.

3.How long is your production lead time?
Our standard products are generally delivered within 5-10 days. We accept customers' personalized packaging needs, such as special packaging specifications, quantity and customized packaging stickers. Of course, the time required will be extended accordingly. For customized products, such as color masterbatch, the establishment of early standards will require some communication time and sample sending time. Once the standards are confirmed, we will immediately put into procurement and production, and the specific time will be confirmed according to the order quantity.

4.What services can we provide?
We provide samples for free,shipping fee is by your side.
We provide customization products as you need.
Accepted Payment Currency:CNY,USD,EUR,JPY,SGD,HKD,CAD,AUD,GBP.
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow.

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