Популярный Многофункциональный цифровой умный счетчик воды сухого типа с дистанционным считыванием данных

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Product Overview



Main Functions
1. Remote reading:
Real-time communication and reporting data;
2. Remote valve control:
The valve can be closed and opened remotely
3. Prepayment:
Prepayment can be supported, and the valve can be closed in real time in case of arrears;
4. Early warning system:
Alarm prompts such as battery undervoltage, abnormal measurement, pre purchase reaching the minimum
threshold etc. different emergency water consumption can be set according to different users.

2. Performance Characteristics
1. Plug in the power supply: the water meter has its own data cable, which can be used by plugging in the power
2. High accuracy of direct reading sampling: the reading accuracy can reach 100%;
3. High upload frequency: once every 5 minutes
4. System platform support: app, web version.

Product Description

APP Remote Control


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