China Supply good quality emulcifiers Distilled Monoglyceride powder CAS 123-94-4 Distilled Monoglyceride for Export

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China Supply good quality emulcifiers Distilled Monoglyceride powder CAS 123-94-4  Distilled Monoglyceride for Export

Distilled Monoglycerides is an important and effective food additive because of its emulsification, dispersibility, stabilization, frothing, antiaging. It is widely applied in food, medicine, pharmacy, plastic, packing industrial, cosmetic and so on. It is a wholly safe food additive.
Good emulsification, dispersibility and stabilization properties.
It is problem that oil and water could not mutually dissolve during food processing. It is good for form stable emulsion to avoid delamination and deposit of food and beverage by adding emulsifier. And it could improve quality of product and prolong shelf life of product.
Antiaging of starch
Distilled monoglyceride can form the complex with the protein and starch. It could prevent starch from recrystallizing after cooling because of formation of infusible complex with straight chain form starch. Also it can prevent the starch from aging, keeping the food which are rich in the starch including bread, cake, potato goods fresh, soft for a long time. At present, complex value of distilled monoglyceride, which is 92 comparing to complex indexes of ester is only 28., is highest in all kind food emulsification, according to its straight chain starch complexing effect.
Improve the crystallization of the grease
Distilled monoglyceride can be arranged in order on surface of grease. This is helpful to control and stabilize crystallization of grease. Especially in production of margarine, it can improve plasticity and malleability of product to avoid delamination of the oil and water.
Application and Result
The application on the beverage and instant food. Distilled Monoglyceride is added into beverage, which is rich in the oil and protein, to improve notably dissolution and stability, and to avoid delamination and deposit Also it can provide product with fragrance and color. Its hot stability is good and it is suitable to be used in production of beverage.

Product Type

Distilled monoglycerides


Creamish White Powder


Neutral fatty


Neutral fatty

Acid Value 

3.0 max

Iodine Value 

3.0 max

Monoglycerides Content 

90% min

Melting Point 

70 ± 5°C

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