Thinking About agriculture soil care plant growth With bacillus laterosporus 10 billion Biofloc

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Product name
Bacillus Laterosporus 10 billion
Brand name
Aquaculture and agricultural planting
Number of live bacteria
CFU≥10 billion/g
Main ingredients
Bacillus Laterosporus and its metabolites, suitable carrier
Net content
Net weight
Efficacy in agriculture
Strengthen roots, loosen the soil, reduce heavy metals, inhibit pathogens, and increase fertilizer efficiency
Usage and dosage on aquatic products
1. Aquaculture pond water purification: the dosage is 600 grams per acre, and the amount can be reduced as appropriate when
changing the water; when using this product for the first time, the dosage is 1200-1800 grams per acre, and when the water quality
is poor, it car be increased to about 2400 grams per acre, 7-10 Use once a day for continuous use; 2. Purified water for
industrialized high-density aquaculture: the amount is 1-3 grams per cubic meter of water, and the product is activated and
sprinkled directly, and the exchange amount can be added after the water is changed. 3. Purified water for nursery and rotifer
culture: The dosage is 1-2 grams per cubic meter of water. After the product is activated, use the corresponding sieve to sieve
and sprinkle,and use it continuously. 4.Drying pond: The dosage is about 1800-2400 grams per acre, and when the water surface is
about 10-15 cm from the bottom of the pond, spray it for use.
Efficacy in aquatic products
happy: Efficacy in aquatic products: 1 Inhibit harmful bacteria in aquatic products It has a strong inhibitory effect on harmful
bacteria such as Vibrio, Escherichia coli and rod-shaped bacteria in aquatic products. 2 Inhibit pathogenic fungi in aquatic
products The function of secreting a large amount of chitinase, chitinase can decompose the cell wall of pathogenic fungi and
inhibit fungal diseases. happy: [图片]
Shelf life
18 months

Company Profile

JDZ Biology Group founded in 1998 is a National High-tech Enterprise, specialize in developing, innovating and producing Veterinary Medicine, Feed Additives, Animal Nutrition products, and the affiliated factories manufacturing Feed Processing Machines. Headquarter is located in the center of China Zhengzhou City and the production base is located in the Provincial Level Industrial Zone with total investment over USD 15 billion, cover an area of over 85 acres. JDZ Biology Group posses JDZ Bio-Engineering Co, JDZ Bio-Technology Co and Progear Industrial Co. Particularly, JDZ is the China's unique enterprise which possess the production technology of bio-active peptide biological materials, and 18 production lines of Liquid Feed, Biological Feed, Feed Additives and Veterinary Medicine.
JDZ Biology firmly believe the quality is the foundation of survival and the origin of brands. For the quality control, JDZ introduce scientific management system constantly, the feed and additive production lines have passed ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification and veterinary medicine production lines have passed dual quality system certification of GMP and ISO 9001:2015. In order to ensure the first-class quality and improve quality continuously, JDZ have been devoting to strive for excellence in each process, operate precisely at each stage, and assign quality control to each position


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