AUTOMATIC pressure calibration source bench

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SPMK991T series intelligent pressure source system
Pressure calibration bench
Pressure calibration generation bench
Pneumatic pressure source calibration bench

It mainly includes 3 types: Vacuum (-95-0) kpa; Pneumatic (0-40) bar; Hydraulic (0-700) bar, which can provide stable pressure during the pressure calibration process.

SPMK991T series intelligent servo pressure calibration source system adopts a variety of latest technologies and design concepts, so that it has excellent technical performance and excellent use functions. It can be widely used in pressure measurement and calibration in laboratories of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, national defense, measurement and instrument manufacturing industries.

The system is easy to operate, reliable in performance, and can be used for a long time without maintenance. It is widely used in calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision (ordinary) pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, electrical contact pressure gauges and other pressure instruments.

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Product Paramenters

-95-0 kpa
SPMK991T / Pneumatic
0-40 bar
SPMK991T / Hydraulic
0-700 bar
Relative humidity
AC power
Reliable grounding required, resistance should be less than 50Ω.
Power frequency
System power
Vacuum 45kg; Pneumatic; Hydraulic 65kg

Company Profile

Beijing Spake Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturers of calibration instruments in China with 24 years experience. We have been successfully manufactured Pressure/ Temperature calibration instruments such as high accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge, Pressure Calibrator, Pressure Calibration Comparator Pumps as well as Process Calibrator and Temperature Calibrator Dry Blocks. So far, “SPMK” brand calibration instruments have been used in over 70 countries worldwide and enjoy good reputation.

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