High Definition Miniature Dia 10mm Professional Audio Planar Magnetic Headphone Speaker Driver

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
10mm miniature planar driver
Driver Size
Transducer Type
Planar Driver
Diaphragm Type
Uniforce single side voice coil design
Magnetic System
Toroidal, single-side, High-grade N52 NdFeB
Rated Power
SPL (Sound Pressure Level )
108dB (+/-1.5dB) @1KHz, 179mV, 10mm
Frequency Response Range
8Hz~50KHz (effective high frequency response up to max. 50KHz)
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
Rated Impedance
18-21 Ω (+/-10%)@1KHz
21DC Resistance
21Ω (+/-10%)@1KHz

Planar magnetic transducers offer numerous benefits:


Since the force created by the magnetic field is distributed across most of the diaphragm surface, the planar magnetic diaphragm
moves faster and with far greater accuracy to the input signal.

Frequency and Distortion

The magnetic force that drives the lightweight diaphragm delivers rapid acceleration thus achieving a wide frequency response, low
distortion and excellent sound quality.


Because the circuit pattern is spread flat across the diaphragm surface it can dissipate the heat generated by the current passing
through it more efficiently. Additionally, planar magnetic transducers have few moving parts and can maintain performance without
any sonic degradation. Dynamic drivers continuously degrade in performance over their life due to a multitude of moving parts and use of glue joints.

Amplifier Friendly

The circuits found in planar magnetic diaphragms present an almost purely resistive load to amplifiers, making it easy to drive.
The impedance over the entire frequency range is completely flat vs. dynamic speaker which could have variances in impedance
values over the frequency range.

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Planar magnetic speaker technology is a dramatic departure from traditional dynamic speakers. The unique design and functionality of planar magnetic transducers
(or “drivers”) overcome many limitations inherent in cone drivers.

Planar magnetic transducers typically consist of two main components: a diaphragm with circuit & magnet arrays. The “planar” in planar magnetics refers to the magnetic field that’s distributed in the same plane (parallel) to the diaphragm. Planar magnetic diaphragms are thin and lightweight compared to much heavier moving-coil or dome diaphragms found in “dynamic” drivers. This thin diaphragm is suspended in the magnetic fields created by the magnetic arrays.

Unlike a dynamic driver with a cone or dome attached to a voice coil, a planar magnetic diaphragm has a printed circuit spread across the surface of a thin-film substrate. When the circuit is energized with an audio signal it interacts with the magnetic field and produces an electromagnetic force that moves the diaphragm back and forth creating sound.

Proper magnet geometry creats an area of evenly distributed force:
an isodynamic field

Arrays of magnets form multiple regions of isodynamic magnetic field

Diaphragm in place with conductive trace (yellow) immersed in areas of isodynamic field

Frequency Response Curve

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)

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Company Introduction


Q1: How is your customized service?
We can customize for you from raw materials (membrane, voice coil, driver…) to finished earphone/headphone.

Q2:Can I brand my own logo?
A: Yes. Pls send us your design. 18 Years on OEM service,tracking step by step on your order.If you do not have own logo, we have professional designer can help.

Q3:Can I get sample?
A:Yes. If you want to test the quality, you can place a sample order or a small order for the first time.

Q4:Do you have any quality guarantee?
A: The quality warranty is 24 months. When you found defective products, please collect pictures or video and send to us. Our quality department will check what is reason. If defectives in the quality warranty range, we will arrange replacements with next orders.

Q5. What Payment Terms can we accept?

-->Payment: T/T, Western Union, Ali pay; 30% deposits, 70% balance before delivery.
-->For sample order, payment in advance 100%.

Q6. What's the standard MOQ?

-->Wholesale order : 100pcs
-->OEM Order :500pcs, some models 1000-5000pcs

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