AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester LCD screen Electric Voltage Test Pen 12-1000V Detector Tester Pencil Wide range measurement

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Product Overview


Product Discription
KAIWEETS Non-contact AC voltage tester
* Wire breakpoint finder
* Identify null and live wire
* Dual-range

Null Wire Testing:The buzzer will give a slow alarm when the end of the tester is close to the object being tested. The red indicator light flashes slowly and the LCD shows green. Indicates that the tested line is a Null Wire
Live Wire Testing:The buzzer will give a quick warning when the end of the tester is close to the object being measured. The red
indicator light flashes quickly and the LCD shows red. This indicates that the line being tested is a live line.

Breaking Point Test:Move the NCV tip of the tester along the wire, if the voltage alert signs disappear, that is most probably the breakpoint.
LED Flashlight:You can press and hold the “S” button for more than 2 seconds to turn the LED flashlight on/off, and then quickly use it to find problems in the circuit. The LED flashlight provides convenience in a dark environment.

Security: It will sound and light multiple alarms. When a voltage is detected, the tip emits a red light and buzzes. It buzzes at a higher frequency as the induced voltage is higher or closer to the voltage source. The screen is red or green, with red indicating high voltage and wires detected, and green indicating low voltage and empty wires detected.

Adjustable Sensitivity

*Low Sensitivity Mode
*High Sensitive Mode
Low Baterry Indicator

*Battery voltage <2.5 volts, the power LED will flash.
*Battery voltage <2.3 volts, the tester automatically turns off.

Battery Replacement
*Rotate the battery cover off the body, replace the battery.
*Rotate the cap to the body until it is fully seated.
*1x voltage tester
*2x AAA baterries
*1x instruction manual

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We are a company integrating industry and trade, with our own sales, R&D, and production capabilities

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Generally speaking, the MOQ of our own products is 1. For customized products, please contact us for your needs

3:What Do You Get?
1x Kaiweets VT200 voltage test pencil x 2 AAA baterries x 1 instruction manual

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We can ship the goods on the same day as we have overseas warehouses in various regions

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Our products are popular on major international platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc.

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