Residential Air Conditioners DC Inverter VRV VRF Central Commercial multi split air conditioner

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Product Overview


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EUROKLIMAT Group was established in Italy in 1963. Over the past half century of development along with continuous innovation and exploration, it has grown into a leading energy-saving air conditioning brand in Italy, Spain and the entire European market. Our products are exported to Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Products cover modular air cooled chiller (heat pump), precision air conditioner, VRF air conditioner, air and water cooled screw chiller, magnetic levitation centrifugal chiller, air handing unit, fan coil unit, etc.

Products Description

With 16 designs to reduce noise of operation,
the unit creates a quiet space both indoor and outdoor

VRF Air Conditioner Series

Cooling Capacity (KW)
Heating Capacity (KW)
14 - 119
16 - 133
EKCC18F1-L - EKCC160F1-L
1.8 - 16
2.2 - 18
EKCC22F1-M - EKCC180F1-M
2.2 - 18
2.8 - 20
EKCC71F1-H - EKCC180F1-H
7.1 - 18
8.5 - 20
EKCK28H1 - EKCK160H1
2.8 - 16
3.3 -18

Cooling Capacity (KW)
Power Suply
14 - 28
150 -250
28 - 79
150 - 450
EKDB250B1 - EKDB280B1
25 - 28
EKDB280B1 - EKDB1190B1
28 - 119
150 - 500

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Company Profile

About us
Our products covered China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Africa, UAE, Chile, Bangladesh and many other countries and regions. Adhering to the concept of taking technological innovation as the motivation and energy saving and environmental protection as the guide, we are committed to making EK central air conditioner into the world's leading environmental system integrator and service provider. After years of experience and continuous exploration, EK Air Conditioner currently has 1,200 employees in China, covering marketing, R&D, manufacturing, after-sales and other departments.

Our currently has three major R&D centers in Italy, Germany, and China, and multiple production bases of nearly 280,000 square meters, with thousands of models of products in nine series. We also have 13 CNAS accredited testing laboratories and 276 patented technologies. With strong worldwide presence, we have 72 service outlets globally and 35 sales and service organizations in China.

EuroKlimat Industrial Park has modern steel structure workshops, including manufacturing workshops, assembly workshops, warehousing logistics and testing, and R&D centers.

The main production equipment includes fully automatic sheet metal punching machines, bending machines, Jingda punching machines, Jingda tube expansion Machines, and other internationally renowned equipment, all factory floors are treated with epoxy coating.
The company has formulated a complete management system, equipped with advanced testing equipment, to continuously monitor the production process.

The company has five centers, including: functional center, technology The center, quality center, production center and sales center have formed a relatively complete management system from design and development, procurement, production, quality assurance, marketing and service.

Our Advantages

Advanced medium-pressure air supplement system
After the compressor exhaust passing through the indoor unit for sufficient heat exchange, the high-efficiency economizer will, on the one hand,supercool the refrigerant in the main circulation circuit before throttling, increasing the air temperature difference; and on the other hand, properly preheated the medium-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant passing through the auxiliary circuit and depressurized by the electronic expansion valve. It will enable the compressor for secondary compression, improving the heating capacity of the system as a perfect solution of winter heating in cold areas.

STC (Smart temperature Control)

The indoor unit of the air conditioner will achieve rapid cooling or heating in a short time after being opened.

When approaching the set temperature of the indoor unit, there will be no discomfort due to the cold and hot air blowing directly.

Open smart building control system
System can be applied to the MODBUS protocol. Through the network connection module, the EK VFR AC system is connected to the smart building control system to activate the following functions:
1. The monitoring center order the AC by commands (turn on/off, temperature setting, air volume, direction setting, mode setting, etc.)
2. Built-in protocol converter for outdoor unit
3. Real-time monitoring of the operation of AC
4. Chain control (fire alarm, door lock, lighting, etc.)
5. Fault alarm and fault code display
6. Manage the user authority settings
7. Improve management reliability and save management costs

Our partner

We have always let the facts speak for us and precede us , because there's nothing better than our works to describe us.


Our honor
We have patents and acquired CE/CB/RCM/TUV/Rohs certifications.

EK air conditioner was rated as National High-tech Enterprise, National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS), China Standard Innovation Award Enterprise, National Electronic Energy Saving Key Recommended Product Technology Enterprise.

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