EW-20A-1 wire coil winding machine/automatic cable wire twist tie machine copper wire coil winding machine

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Product Overview


Automatic low price electric motor copper wire coil winding and binding machine for sale



1.This machine is suitable for AC power cord, DC power cord,USB cable, sheathed cable andHDMI high-definition cable and other types of transmission lines using encapsulated core twist tied into bundle, can also be used to tape and other sealing plastic bag cores.

2.This machine can reduce employee fatigue strength, improve working efficiency, save cable ties and so on.

3.Employees simply put the wires on the port it will automatically winding,then putting these wires around the Norse mouth,the machine will automatically norse.The machine can set  binding wire length and number of laps,count the yield . 

4.The machine adopts PLC control program , text display for parameter setting, easy to operate.Adjusting space, replacement of fixtures is very convenient, ("8" -shaped tying, tying round universal,large range of bundled,widely used.)

5.Low cost and high efficient





Winding inner diameter

65-125 mm

Tying outer diameter

5-35 mm

Tying shape

Round, long, 8 shape

Winding speed

50 - 65 rpm.

Noise level

< 70 dB(A)

Power supply

110, 220 V (50 - 60 Hz)

Operation interface 



500 * 300 * 400 mm


40 kg 


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