Wireless water tank level alarm monitoring automatic water tank level gauge system atg console

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Wireless water tank level alarm monitoring automatic water tank level gauge system atg console

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Our Advantages

* Automatic generation of tank table,data backup
* The software is updated regularly
* Support small ticket printing
* Mass storage data
*Support LOGO customization and brand OEM
* Pre-sale configuration guidance, video real-time online guidance, installation accessories are all included
* Perfect after-sales service, can provide engineers on-site installation and debugging
*It can provide a free and complete one-stop solution for gas station formulation
*The operation is stable, after the first debugging, there is no need for the second debugging or maintenance

APP Remote monitoring
Statistical data, alarm information, gas station situation, mobile phone remote monitoring is simple and convenient

Cloud Platform Remote monitoring
Equipment status, equipment list, alarm information, oil tank information details, big data remote cloud platform monitoring, making statistical management simple


Automatic Tank Gauge
Used to display oil level, water level, oil storage volume and temperature
Design principle
Based on 32-bit ARM MCU
Screen size
10 inch true color touch screen
Input voltage
System working voltage
Operating ambient temperature range
- 40℃~+60℃
Relative humidity
45% - 75%
Atmospheric pressure
86kpa ~ 106kpa
Measuring range
Output mode
Maximum communication distance
Product power consumption
Working temperature
-40℃ ~ +60℃
Measurement accuracy
Repeated accuracy
Oil level resolution
Water level resolution
Temperature measuring point
Temperature sensor resolution
Upper blind area
Lowe blind area
Explosion protection sign
 [Ex ia Ga]IIA/Ex ia IIA T5 Ga
Related equipment
Zener safety barrier
Applicable medium
gasoline, kerosene, diesel, light oil, heavy oil, and crude alcohol mixture
Protection class
Real time display of oil level, water level, temperature and volume
It has the functions of automatically generating oil leakage test, alarm, oil inlet, oil storage, shift handover record, etc
Large capacity data storage: up to 24 months of data stock
The tank capacity is input point by point, and the measurement is more accurate
It adopts 4-layer circuit design and is equipped with photoelectric isolator, lightning protection tube and TVs anti-interference
Make the system more safe, stable and reliable
The system has multi-level password protection to make the data confidentiality more secure and reliable
Support RS232 interface communication
Support RS485 industrial bus
The longest communication distance can reach 1200 meters


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Q:How many probes can one level gauge console control?
A:One console can be connected to 16 probes.
automatic tank gauge /atg diesel fuel tank gauge system automatic tank calibration system
Q:How many meters can the Magnetostriction probe do?
A:0-4 meters, above 4 meters, flexible probe is recommended.
oil tank fuel level gauge software monitor system tank level measuring
Q:Why can't the probe be made too long.
A:Inconvenient to transport, affecting measurement accuracy
level measuring level monitor petrol station level machine
Q:Is it possible to connect to the Internet?
A:Yes, there are three ways to connect to the network:
1. WiFi connection; 2. Connect directly with a network cable. 3. Optional 4G module, use 4G to link to the network.
oil tank fuel gauge tank level measurement oil tank gauge
Q:Remote monitoring data method?
A: 1.Mobile APP monitoring
2.Cloud platform based on 4G big data

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