Clear UPVC Valve Clear UPVC Y Strainer

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Our company produces and sells German standard UPVC transparent pipe with six points: (1) Special UPVC formula, pipe fittings are transparent and clear, clear and visible. (2) The inner wall is smooth, does not foul, and does not affect fluid transport. (3) It has good chemical stability properties such as anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance. (4) It can clearly understand the direction and condition of fluid transportation inside the pipeline, and does not need to be labeled to facilitate system monitoring. (5) It can be installed outside the pipeline for transporting important or dangerous chemicals, with monitoring and protection. (6) The construction is convenient and fast, and no special tools and professionals are needed. Scope of application: systems such as electronic semiconductors, environmentally friendly water treatment, chemical and food process pipelines. The production size is: American standard SCH40 1/2"-8", German standard DIN 20mm-225mm. The pipe packaging is: each pipe is individually blister-packed, plus a solid 3m long carton, which plays an excellent role in dustproof and breakage during transportation_6WQR025GQKM6K2FH8~PIY.png`TKPN_CWBXC{I)`5%$QG0BY.png4ZJP~V15KSS)~X`G}$S~LCU.pngG2W_X_VA)JAL5TE1C(9`CH1.pngR7YY~[Y1KVP_LW3P`T2IUS.png]QXBFP_0]OOXJ[PKYH[LKU.pngmmexport1616509202900.jpg

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