Dark Rum, Bottle 700 ml, Brand Pure Organic, Organic Certified

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Product Type
Alcohol Content (%)
Dark Rum
Distillation Type
Shelf Life
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Pure Organic
Rich flavour, Smooth Cane Sugar
Product Type
Best Selling Top Product
Product type
Organic Rum
Purest Rum
Bottle Volume
Rich & Woody
Superior Quality
French Oak Barrels

Packing & Delivery

Case of 12 bottles, Europallet

Company Profile

Company Introduction
BioSpirits is the first 100% certified organic craft distillery in The Netherlands. We're exclusively processing organically grown raw materials. With a lot of patience and old-fashioned craftsmanship, we achieve a taste and quality that for industrial distilleries is no longer achievable.

Through our 100% organic production method, we create products that not only reach a superior quality, but are a better alternative for our planet.

An important factor in the incredible flavor of our liquors, is the water that we use. We exclusively use water from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, that fell as rain and seeped into the ground more than 600 years ago. We are immensely proud to use it!

Besides our own brands, we are eager to work with you on your own private label, as we already do for clients across the globe. Together we can create a product that is truly unique, truly yours. The options are endless. We will gladly use any bottle you want us to use, or ship the product to you, ready to bottle it yourself.

We export globbally, and gladly discuss your shipping needs with you.

Why Choose Us

100% Organic Distillery

Taste and Quality unmatched by industrial distilleries

Private label and customization experience

Products Description

Single Malt Whiskey
This unique Dutch, certified organic, single malt whisky was distilled from Dutch organic barley malt, grown in our province
Flevoland.This whisky matured for 5 to 10 years in white American oak (quercus alba) barrels and is cold filtered. The water we use to produce our single malts is sourced from incredible depths. This water was originally rainwater that fell some 6000 years ago onto the low hills that form the Veluwe and the Utrecht Hill Ridge regions. An era when mammoths still ranged the landscape.

Dark Rum
Our organic rum is distilled in our potstills from organic cane sugar and organic molasses. The head and the tail are set aside so that only the purest rum from the middle of the batch is bottled. The rum is aged in small French oak barrels to give a rich and woody note to the spirit, to give this rum 38% ABV.

Dry Gin
A botanical, rich well balanced Dry Gin, distilled from organic winterwheat, a unique blend of organic botanicals as coriander, ginger root, valerian, angelica root, rosemary, caraway seeds and orange peel, with a refreshing taste without the harshness that is so often present in other gins. The solid backbone of Juniper leads to an intriguingly deep, multilayered flavored spirit with a slight sweetness that compliments this complexity of flavors.

Premium Vodka
Using Certified Organic wheat grown almost in our backyard, the purest water from our own well and a unique distillation process using copper stills, we have created a Vodka that is filled with flavor while having a velvet finish. Because we use Organic wheat there is no need to filter the Vodka, so all nuances of flavor are kept inside.

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