TOPOWER brand 100 Ton to 300 Ton Solid Tyre Hydraulic Press Machine for Forklift and Truck Tire

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TOPOWER brand 100 Ton to 300 Ton Solid Tyre
Hydraulic Press Machine for Forklift and Truck Tire
Tire Press Machine is a kind of equipment that uses Hydraulic pressure to assemble and disassemble wheels .

We have three different types of tire press machine according to the application scenario:
Rapid Tire Press Machine,General Used Tire Press Machine,Economical and Practical Tire Press Machine.

Solid tire Pressing Machine
Instruction Manual
[Important note]
1.Before you use the machine, please read the "instructions
"carefully!It will provide the relevant safety manual, installation,
adjustment, operation and maintenance of the necessary information.
2.If you are not in accordance with the specification requirements for
checking before you start or not in accordance with the instructions for
operation and maintenance may lead to machine failure or damage,
we will not undertake the responsibility !
3.YCTP-1800-25 can press below 23.5-25 tires . YCTP-1200-20 can press
below 1200-20 tires. YCTP-1600-15 can press below 28X9-15 tires .
YCTP-1200-12 is a type it can only press below 12In.

Technical characteristics:
Work hydraulic : pressure 20MPa
Plunger diameter: φ 260m
Plunger stroke: 600mmPallet specifications :800mmX40mm
Plate spacing: 800mm
Motor power :5.5Kw
Net weight: 2000Kg
Overall dimensions :2100 x 800 x 2300 (length * width * height)
TP solid tire pressing machine is a special equipment for solid tire
loading and unloading, It can also apply FOR the tires below 15 In.
This machine is a frame structure.the hydraulic cylinder is located
above the piston movement from top to bottom, the department.
Platform, fixed on the piston rod and spherical pressure box, firm
structure, is made of high-quality materials carefully assembled, so
good performance. with the electric control box independent.

Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system consists of main hydraulic system and auxiliary
hydraulic system.
The hydraulic system is composed of the high-pressure pump, solenoid
valve, pressure relief valve, check valve, pressure indicator and oil
High pressure relief valve is the oil pressure setting of high pressure
pump, its maximum setting value is 20MPa.

Matters needing attention
1,The machine uses 46 original anti-wear hydraulic must filter
oil into the tank very carefully. and release the oil after using 3 - 4
The oil can be used after re-filtration and should be replaced per year.
Please clean the oil tank when you replace the oil.
2, Electrical equipment shall be reliably grounded.
3, Check the connection parts carefully before operation.4, Oil pressure should not be higher than 20MPa during working .
5, Cut off the power supply when shutting down for maintenance.
6, Because the pressure frame is heavy, a pressure cylinder is placed
under the pressure frame to Prevent oil leakage at piston rod caused
by side force.

Warning: During the assembly process of solid tire,please do not
use oil and grease substances on the tire and rim.which will cause
abnormal damage to the tire. we recommend diluted soapy water to
wipe the tire and the outer surface of the rim properly.

Be careful:
1,Motor rotates Anti-clockwise
2,Connection mode:Three phase four core wire,Three live wires are
connected to the upper air switch in the distribution cabinet;The zero
line is connected to the lowest zero line mark in the distribution

We have 120T 140T 160T 200T 250T 300T 350T tire press machine,Please feel free to contact me, I will recommend the most suitable tire press machine for you.


Packing & Delivery

The solid tire hydraulic press suitable for forklift, industrial vehicles, large tractors, Lawn Tractor, loader, platform
trucks,side-loading forklifts, lawnmower, trailer etc heavy-duty transport vehicles. This machine can be added with an automatic
lifting system to facilitate the lifting of the tires.
The solid tire hydraulic press adopts the all-steel structure of the gantry. The vibration ageing treatment makes the mechanical
deformation small, and the frame design is designed by finite element, which has high rigidity and high precision. The gantry
hydraulic press table can move up and down, which greatly expands the opening and closing height of the machine and is more
convenient to use. It consists of main cylinder, hydraulic power system and electrical system. The workbench is welded with
high-quality steel plates to ensure reliability and durability.


1.How long is the forklift tire warranty time?
A: 1.5 year.
2.Is it convenient to visit your factory and how to go there?
A:We welcome customers to visit our company.Our factory is in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, where can be reached by plane or high-speed rail.If you want to visit, please communicate with us in advance, so that we can arrange your visit.
3.What are our advantages compared with other sellers?
Factory direct sales is our biggest advantage, strictly in accordance with the standards of production, quality assurance, factory direct delivery, affordable price. At the same time, we have a professional sales team, to answer all kinds of problems for you, most of the problems can be solved within 24 hours.
4.How long will your price be valid?
Our price is basically stable this year.
We only adjust the price according to two situations:
Us dollar exchange rate: RMB exchange rate changes greatly with the change of international monetary exchange rate.
The manufacturer adjusted the price of the machine because of the increase in labor and raw material costs.

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