Natural Supplement Thaurnatocuccusdanielli Extract 98% Thaumatin Powder For Sweetener

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Product Description
Thaumatin alias: African arrowroot sweetener, samatin English name: Thaumatin, is a super-sweet substance extracted from the nut skin of the natural plant Thaurnatocuccus danielli, which is a natural protein. White to cream color amorphous odorless powder. Sweet and refreshing, no odor, long lasting. The sweetness is extremely strong, and its sweetness is on average 1600 times that of sucrose, but it depends on the concentration of dilution: 5500~8000 times at 0.00011: 3500 times at 0.001, 1300 times at 0.01, and 850 times at 0.02. Its aqueous solution is stable at pH 1.8~10, and its isoelectric point is about pH 11. Because it is a protein, it can be denatured and lose its sweetness when heated, and it will also lose its sweetness when combined with tannins. The sweetness is reduced in high-concentration salt solutions. Very soluble in water. It has a synergistic effect and improves flavor when used with sugar sweeteners.
Basic Information
Product Name
Thaumatin Powder
White powder
Fruit Extract
Food Grade
Loss On drying
Particle size
80 mesh
Food Additive
Product status
Bottle, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Sealed, kept in a cool and dry place

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1. Non-caloric sweeteners, flavoring agents. For general food and health food. It is suitable to be used in conjunction with sugars such as sucrose in coffee, chocolate, gum candy, beverages, cold drinks, desserts, bakery products, etc.

2. It can improve the bitterness of certain amino acids, tannic acid astringency, caffeine bitterness, enhance the flavor of dairy products and cocoa, and can also enhance the effect when used in spices.


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