Taijia RS485/ModBus agreement Portable Digital Water Velocity Meter River Open Channel Ultrasonic Water Flow Sensor

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Introduction of Open channel ultrasonic flow meter

ULFM series provides accurate non-contact ultrasonic open channel flow measurement


Features  of Open channel ultrasonic flow meter

1.Open channel flow rate can be measure per 1mm according to the liqild level. The liquid level change 1mm.open channel flow rate changed with it. Measurement accurancy higher , flow measurement more accurante . 

2.Suitable for variety of flume:Parshall flume,Right-angled triangle weir,Rectangular weir.

3.Variety of flow rate unit is optional

4.Fully closed structure, Strong anti-corrosion

5.Strong anti-interference ability 

6.Low blind zone,High sensitivity,High stability

7.Provide at most 6 relay switch signal

8.MODBUS-RTU digital signal is avaliable.

9.The distance from transmitter to ultrasonic probe can up to 1000m

10.AC and DC power supply is optional. 

11.Romote control set up parameter is avaliable,Easy to operate.


Transmitter of Open channel ultrasonic flow meter

Liquid level resolution


Liquid level error

1mm or 0.2% of full measurement range (The maximum value, calm water)

Display method

2-line 14 LCD (with backlight)

Instantaneous flow rate range

0.0000~99999L/S or m³/h

Maximum cumulative flow

9999999.9 m³

Analog signal output

one path DC4-20mA current corresponding to flow rate.

Load resistance



Serial communication,standard MODBUS-RTU protocol.

Relay Output

upper limit ,lower limit alarm and control.( instantaneous flow rate and water level ) high level ,low level and breakdown alarm ect .

Mode of relay

normally open or closed.(Can be setup)

Quantity of relay

at most six.

Specification of relay

5A 250VAC/30VDC

Power supply

DC: DC24V(±5%)   0.2A

AC: AC220V(±5%)  0.1A

Detection Period

1S ( can be adjust)

Ambient Temperature

-40C to +70C

Casing materials


Protection grade of casing


Cable gland cover


Parameter setting method

3 pcs inductive buttons

Install method

Wall mounted

Casing Size



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water ultrasonic level sensor transmitter installation.jpg


Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow meter is non-Contact instrument,Adopt Sound wave reflection principle to measuring liquid level in the water weir trough, Get the flow rate go thought the weir trough by conversion . The instrumeny mainly consist of ultrasonic probe and transmitter ,The materials in all plastic seal structure.can be widely application in Industry, environmental protection and ect industries.Measurement open channel flow rate accurately.open channel flow meter sensor transmitter ULFM.jpg

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