OLLITAL Optical Professional Long Distance Automatic Laser Soldering Jewellery Gold Silver Bracelet Welding fiber laser welder

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Product Description

Hydraulic big movable copper rod cold welding equipment

1. Main parameters
1.Motor Power:4KW
2.Working pressure:<=4.5Mpa
3.Rated Voltage:380V/50HZ
4.Oil returning back-pressure:1.5 Mpa
5.Oil temperature<=75°
6.External Dimension: 1230*700*1130mm (L*W*H)
8.Package: wooden case
9. Welding Range of the wire: Copper: 3.00-10.00mm Aluminium: 3.00-15.00mm

1.No need of heat or electricity and some form of flux to make the joins of wire.
2.It is possible to weld two different diameter wire with different material together.
3. Automatically operated. Simple and convenient. Solid rod can also be welded.
4.It is electric/hydraulic powered machines capable of welding large round wire and strip materials. Caster mounting provides ease of movement in work area.
5. Widely used in the cold welding for the wire of copper, aluminum, gold, silver, nickel, and other non-ferrous metal wire/rod.

Rated voltage
Product Weight
Oil temperature
Machine size

1. Principle of cold welding:
Cold-pressure welding is a method of connecting metal and alloy by exerting pressure instead of using electricity, heat, fillers and fluxes. Under concentrated pressure, surface area of both contact surfaces expanded, thus cracking the original protective layer that hampering welding, and outer force enable close connection of exposed pure metal basis, hence generating new atomic combination, and welding is realized by continuously increasing force.

2. Brief description of cable cold pressure welding machine:
1. Weld copper wire or aluminum wire; or weld copper wire with aluminum wire
2. No need any power, heat, only match corresponding dies.
3. Our machine can weld copper wire from 0.06mm-10.0mm; weld aluminum wire: from 0.06mm-15.0mm.
4. You can choose suitable machine according the wire diameter you need to weld and our machine's welding range.
5. For example, if you want to weld 0.90mm, 1.0mm, 1.20mm, 1.40mm copper wire, you can choose model SZ-3T, SZ-3TR. It should make
four single cavity dies or two double cavity dies.
6. Our machine is compatibility with other supplier’s welders. You can use others’ welding machine with our dies; or use our dies
on other supplier’s machine.
7. The tolerance of dies to wire: -1%mm+ 3%mm wire to dies tolerance. For example: 2.0mm dies can weld the wire diameter from:
1.98mm to 2.06mm wires.
8. Can different metals be welded using cold pressure? Cold welding can be used to join dissimilar materials, such as aluminum to
9. It can weld following wires: copper wire ( purple copper wire, brass wire, including round wire or flat wire, square wire);
aluminum wire. Plastic wire and other wires should remove surface insulation part, then welding.
Steel wire can’t be welded.


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